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Shapewear - The do's and dont's

Shapewear’s popularity had declined in recent years. Unfortunately, many of us still associate Shapewear with the uncomfortable underwire and corset-like features of days gone by. However, it’s worth remembering that these days, the Shapewear market has undergone somewhat of a revolution. Today, Shapewear is lighter, better designed, more comfortable and easy to wear than ever before.

Despite this, choosing and wearing the best model of Shapewear correctly can make a big difference in proving your investment worthwhile. Our list of the “dos and don’ts” of modern shapewear can help to make this decision easy for you.

The Do's:

1. Learn How to Put On Shapewear Correctly.

Before discussing how to choose the best model for you, let’s first discuss one of the primary reasons that women avoid Shapewear – not knowing how to wear it correctly. When incorrectly worn, body- shaping clothing can be troublesome, uncomfortable and counterproductive. To avoid this, always step into shapewear, pulling the garment up over the hips to avoid trapping your head and arms. Do not stretch. Instead, simply try to put it on like any regular piece of clothing. For the more complicated pieces, simply follow the instructions or manual that comes with it. The basic trick that never fails is to make sure you go slowly and patiently.

2. Read the size guide

Unless you are buying online from a reliable seller like Oakesysi Shapewear, you should try your selected Shapewear on to see how it looks underneath clothing. Each garment looks different on different people, so if your friend raves about her new Shapewear model, don’t follow her recommendation without trying it yourself first.

3. Know which body parts you want to target.

Different Shapewear garments target specific areas of the body. Not all of them will provide all-over slimming, so it’s important to figure out where your problem areas are before buying any body shaping clothing. It’s just like deciding which exercise regime is best to remove flab from a particular part of your body. For instance, Push up bras are designed to make the breasts look more pert, supple and large. So while those who have problems with their hips and thighs could use Thigh & Tummy Pants to offer a slimmer appearance, the same Shapewear garment may be unsuitable for those looking to target fatty areas on the back or lower legs.

4. Know how much Control or Support is right for you.

All Shapewear for women comes in different support levels, and can be used for various purposes. For example, one woman might wish to buy a thigh shaper to disguise surface cellulite and reduce chaffing. For this purpose, a moderate control garment would be most suitable. However, if another woman was looking for a thigh shaper to reduce the appearance of fat, an extra-firm control garment would be the best purchase. Always pay attention to the instructions regarding the care of your shapewear. This will tell you how to maintain the quality of the item and keep it clean. Always check the item description before trying and purchasing.


1. Buy Shapewear That Doesn’t Fit Correctly

Shapewear that’s too small or large will not provide you with the support you need, and can be very uncomfortable. If a body shaper is too tight, it will pinch, cut off circulation and create bulges on your body, contradicting the whole purpose. A body shaper that is too big will move around and become visible through clothes. To avoid choosing the wrong size, make sure you always try on before you buy.

2. Be Afraid of Seams.

You should not be self-conscious while wearing shapewear because it is generally worn around the waist and bottom, and usually covered the seams of structured pants or skirts. These days, many shapewear seams are hardly noticeable due to improved technology. So don’t worry about those seams!

3. Make a Purchase Based on Before-and-After Photos.

Never make your final call based on before-and-after photos, which are usually digitally altered. These photos may not be genuine and even if they are, something that works for one woman may not work for another.

4. Give Up on Dieting and Exercise.

Last but certainly not least, always remember that a body shaper will never replace a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. Shapewear can compliment your figure best when used as part of an overall slimming and beauty regime.