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The Benefits of White Tea and Green Tea for Detox

Toxins can linger in the body and have a detrimental effect on your mood, performance and health. Unfortunately, only few of us take the time to remove latent toxins, which can stay in the body for years. Many people are put off detoxing as they wrongly assume it will take up lots of time and effort. However, they might be unaware that simply drinking a cup of tea each day is enough to cleanse and detox the body. It is green tea that first comes to mind when discussing the health benefits of tea. However, there are many teas that have proved beneficial for health and body detox. White tea leaves come from the same plant as green tea, Camellia Sinesis. The main difference is that white tea leaves are harvested at a younger age. Both of these are effective Natural detox teas that can assist with cleansing the body and encouraging healthy weight loss.

How do White and Green Teas get their colour?

Practically all tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The colour of tea leaves depends on their level of oxidation, meaning that the more the leaves have oxidized, the darker their colour will be. While black tea is fully oxidized, brown tea is only partially oxidized. Green tea is specially treated with hot steam as soon as it is picked, slowing down the oxidation process. White tea is also steam-preserved, however it is taken from the bud of the plant before chlorophyll has had chance to change its colour. Hence, white tea and green tea are effective antioxidants, but white tea is slightly more powerful with proven health benefits. White tea is richer in catechins than green tea, the natural antioxidants that are said to help regulate body weight.

What do Catechins do?

Catechins are powerful soluble antioxidants found in green and white tea. They are responsible for the strong metabolism-boosting properties of both teas. They can also effectively encourage healthy weight loss. To gauge the amount of catechins you are consuming with either white or green detox tea, simply check the label for the concentration of catechins and epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG. If you brew loose tea at home, one cup of green tea should contain approximately 127 milligrams of catechins. This is a far higher concentration than oolong tea, and nearly four times as much as black tea. White tea contains even more catechins than green tea, and considerably less caffeine.

Go Green!

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, green tea has endless detox potential, making it an essential dietary addition for many health-conscious people. Some of the amazing benefits of Green tea include:

  • Fat burning attributes: It is the antioxidant properties of the tea that assist our body by speeding up the metabolic rate.
  • Immunity enhancer: Fights against flu, colds and viruses whilst helping to improve mental focus and memory.
  • Medicinal properties: Studies claim that green tea can, to a certain extent, help to prevent certain cancers, arthritis, and diabetes.
  • Re-hydrating effects: It is a common myth that tea dehydrates you. This is not the case with green tea, which has been proven to have similar re-hydration effects to water.

Apart from the benefits listed above, green tea offers various powerful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Some teas infuse green tea with other natural ingredients including guarana and cayenne pepper to offer you 10 times the power of a normal green tea. You could also try a matcha tea such as Örtte Matcha Green Tea which can provide 137x more antioxidants than regular tea.

Go White!

Similarly to green tea, white tea offers many health benefits. White tea has a high concentration of flavonoids, which can help to improve vascular health in various ways and may even help in reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition to white tea’s benefits for weight management, herbal Skin Care teas use the same flavonoids to provide active protection for cells, particularly against the negative effects of free radicals.