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Make It Happen: 10 Tips To Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Ahoy! 2018 is here. A brand new year. A lovely start. A fresh beginning. What’s the first thing you will do this New Year? Yes that’s right, create a ‘new years resolution’. Let’s rewind back. How many resolutions had you set last year? Most importantly, how many did you stick to, until the end of the year?

Many of us will create a healthy new years resolution - maybe to lose weight, to stop smoking or to even drink less. However it is very common to not see them through. In fact only 8% of people in the UK keep their resolution and by the first month of the year, people tend to give up on them. So how do we make this time round more of a success? By making your resolutions realistic and treating it as a lifestyle change and not just a “resolution”. There is greater chance that you will keep them throughout the year and bring you one step closer to your goal. Here are some tips and tricks we have created on how to identify the right resolution and create a plan on how to achieve it.

Create a SMART Goal

New Year resolutions should not only be dreamt about. They are meant to be achieved. Therefore you have to set SMART goals. SMART implies solid, measurable, achievable, rational and time-bound goals. After putting all your goals together, check if each of them are SMART enough. The smarter your goals, the better you can achieve them.

Get up, when you slip up

You are going to face challenges along the way which may slow down your pace towards your goals. However it is important to not give up just because you skipped gym or because you ate something you shouldn’t have. Everyone has ups and downs; it is how you recover and get back on track that counts.

Be rational and realistic

When setting a New Years goal it is common to be overambitious and set your goals too high. But, you have to be rational and realistic. Trying to take a big step too fast can leave you feeling frustrated and the resolution itself can end up taking over your life. It is important to always make resolutions you think you will keep.

Discuss and talk about it

If you think sharing your resolutions with others will make things easier, then you should do so. Talk about your experiences with your family and friends. Having someone to share your journey with can make it much easier and less daunting. You may even consider joining a support group or booking those extra classes at the gym.

Be more active

A great way to get your New Year's Resolution off to a kick start is to try and be more active. If your Resolution involves being more energetic there are plenty of creative ways to help you achieve that. Many people start off with an exercise regime, but end up abandoning it before Easter. It is important to make sure you are mentally and physically ready to achieve your long term goals.

Record your progress

As you work on your resolutions, you will have good and bad experiences. How about putting these together in your dairy? Recording progress at each step of the way helps you keep track of results but also can help with understanding common mistakes or personal weaknesses. You can even use a mobile app to record meals and progress along the way.

Reward yourself

When you hit those hard earned targets it is essential that you treat yourself. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, an evening out or even a massage, always make sure you choose a reward that won’t undo your hard work. Regular treats for when you reach your benchmark can help you achieve those milestones faster.

Be consistent

Remember consistency is key. Time management is essential when it comes to helping you achieve your goals. People tend to loose focus on their New Year’s Resolution within weeks sometimes even days. However you can increase your chances of long term success if you remain consistent throughout the year. Consistency in effort, enthusiasm and energy towards your goals can help you get closer towards them.

Don’t give up and keep trying

One of the most common reasons why resolutions fail is we give up on them. Many people tend to throw in the towel after one slip up. You had moment of weakness and ate that chocolate, so what. We often let our small slipups affect our long term progress. Losing weight is not easy, if it were it would not be the number one new years resolution year upon year. So forgive yourself, move on and keep trying!

Invest in a healthier lifestyle

If you’re serious about leading a healthier lifestyle and shifting those extra pounds, it might be worth investing in cool fitness gear and natural weight management products. The addition of this along side a balanced diet and exercise regime, could get you one step closer to your weight loss goals. After all it’s easier to stay on the right path with the support of natural weight management products.

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