Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids | Natural Wellbeing Supplement

Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids

100 ml Drops | Natural Wellbeing Supplement


Give your child the boost they need with Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids, an all-natural supplement from Maxmedix. Perfect for babies 0 to 12 months and children aged 1 to 12, just add it to a meal to contribute to the normal function of their immune system, muscle function, and bone maintenance. Ideal for the winter months, when the body naturally absorbs less Vitamin D.

  • Helps bones, muscles and the immune system
  • Lactose-free, dairy-free and Non-GMO
  • Effective, efficient and affordable
  • Easy to drink liquid - a convenient addition to any meal
  • Provides children with a full 1000iu of natural Vitamin D
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

What is Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids

Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids is a premium natural supplement designed to help maintain the normal function of your child's immune system while helping to support calcium absorption for normal, healthy bones. Vitamin D3 (or cholecalciferol) is the preferred form of supplemental Vitamin D, as this is the exact form produced by the skin in response to sun exposure. Its easy-to-take liquid form can be added to any meal, making it perfect for fussy eaters! Each bottle contains 100ml of premium Vitamin D3

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids calcium absorption for healthy bones while helping the body maintain a strong immune defence. Our skin produces vitamin D when exposed to UV light, making it difficult for the body to maintain levels during the autumn and winter months when UV light exposure is low.

Around 1 in 5 people are estimated to be Vitamin D deficient in the UK. And, while it is present in many foods like eggs, liver and oily fish, it is impossible to get the body's recommended daily amount of Vitamin D3 from these sources alone. That is why many parents look to supplements like Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids to give their children what they need to stay happy and healthy.

Key Ingredients

Who Is Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids for?

It is perfect for babies, and children up to 12 years old.

Directions to take Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids

For children between 0-12 months, take 0.5ml, or 1 pipette / 20 drops, daily.

For children who are 1 year old or older, take 1ml, or 2 pipettes / 40 drops, daily.

Simply add the liquid to their food.

Caution: Once the bottle is opened, consume the contents within 6 months.

Full List of Ingredients

Coconut MCT Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 Vegan (Cholecalciferol)

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Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids
Vitamin D3 Liquid for Kids

100 ml Drops | Natural Wellbeing Supplement


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