Activated Charcoal Capsules

2000 mg 180 Capsules | For Gas, Bloating and Detoxing


For fast relief down below, you can turn to Activated Charcoal, a charcoal tablet for wind that uses the purest and best-activated charcoal. This supplement works to deeply cleanse your body and fight back against feelings of digestive discomfort and imbalance. Our detoxifying formula is among the best ways to help target stomach problems such as bloating and gas. Bring this supplement into your home today, and discover the nutritional health benefits you could feel.

  • 100% pure nature made activated charcoal
  • Ideal for bloating, gas and detoxing
  • Powerful 2000mg per daily serving
  • Contributes to reducing flatulence after eating
  • Sustainably sourced from coconuts
  • GMP
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO Free

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Studies show that through a simple chemical process, charcoal becomes activated and increases reactive surface area for use in drugs and supplements. This process opens up a load of health benefit that makes it great to be used for food supplements alongside other vitamin pills etc. There is information showing how activated charcoal uses can be found in and out of the body. Charcoal for skin, teeth and body products have made finding where to buy activated charcoal as easy as picking up drugs from your local pharmacy.

For example, to whiten teeth, activated charcoal teeth whitening and toothpaste formulas are immensely popular. When it comes to its internal benefits, activated charcoal capsules & supplements are known to possess useful settling properties which have made activated charcoal tablets a must have nutritional tool in people’s homes all over the world.

What Does This Supplement Do?

Our formula takes the power of mother earth and condenses it into effortlessly easy to consume capsules. Activated Charcoal works to bring you a greater standard of day to day internal comfort. It helps detoxify your body and relieve you of the feeling of nasty gas build-ups for health benefits you can feel. Our charcoal tablets for wind are the perfect addition to your diet and keeps you ready to fight back against digestive discomfort. Whats more, this supplement features no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Activated Charcoal Benefits

At WeightWorld we have taken only the best form of charcoal to produce a supplement that possesses potency that outmatches other food supplements. It is also sustainably sourced and strikes at your internal wellbeing to provide you untold comfort and balance.

infographich showing the benefits of activated charcoal for the body

How To Use Activated Charcoal Capsules

For flatulence, intestinal gas and feelings of heaviness, take 3 detoxing activated charcoal capsules per day half an hour before a meal. Repeat an hour after for the most effective results. Depending on your dietary needs you can effectively take both of the 3 before and after or just the 3 before. Make sure to also drink plenty of water. Every 3 capsules of this food supplement typically provide a powerful 1000mg serving.


Activated Charcoal Powder (Coconut Shells source). Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

Things To Remember When Taking Activated Charcoal

This product is designed to be consumed as a daily food supplement like other vitamin supplements to ensure continued effectiveness. However, we advise that you do not exceed the max serving. If you wonder if this product safe and if there are any health risks, it is a perfectly balanced natural ingredient. This means that side effects are incredibly rare and activated charcoal reviews are a testament to this. Our capsules, like many of our supplements, are also entirely plant-based making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians. If you have any specific allergies, please consult the nutritional information on the pack.

Activated Charcoal Tablets For Wind

Ideal for bloating, gas and detoxing Activated Charcoal has been designed exclusively designed for fast relief down below. Activated charcoal for wind contributes to reducing flatulence after eating and can naturally make you feel lighter. Try WeightWorlds high strength Activated Charcoal Capsules with 2000mg daily servings and 180 capsules per bottle.

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Activated Charcoal Capsules
Activated Charcoal Capsules

2000 mg 180 Capsules | For Gas, Bloating and Detoxing


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Verified Purchase

Excellent product &servise

G GailSummerlin
Verified Purchase

Ok +++++++

C Claus P
Verified Purchase

Very helpful product ,amazing price too.

E Efi P
Verified Purchase

I was using activated charcoal powder as a daily detox,but it can be quite messy. These capsules are a perfect substitute

G GaryS
Verified Purchase

These arrived very quickly

J Julie
Verified Purchase

My husband wasn't sure about me trying this but I'm glad I did as I feel a lot less bloated and horrible so very happy

K Katarina
Verified Purchase

I've used soemthing similar in hair masks and loved how they made my hair feel so when I found out they do capsules too I was excited as if they make me feel that goo on the outside they must be good for the inside too!

T Tiana
Verified Purchase

Still a bit unsure of how this actually works but I like the results of it

T Trinity
Verified Purchase

Bit strange when you think about it but actually okay using it

C Catherine
Verified Purchase

very good and effective

M Mukul

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