WeightWorld Bio Culture Complex 60 Capsules

Bio Culture Complex

77 Billion 60 Capsules | Digestive Probiotic Supplement


Bio Culture Complex by WeightWorld™ is an advanced multi-strain formula designed to complement your healthy eating efforts and support your body’s natural balance in the gut. Made from a premium blend of 20 beneficial bacteria strains, these capsules deliver 77 billion CFUs in every serving, to bolster your body’s natural defences and support your weight management goals. Excellent for your mood and energy levels, this is a great probiotic supplement for those who wish to live a happy and healthy life!

  • Advanced multi-strain probiotic formula
  • Ideal for the body’s natural balance
  • Delivers 77 Billion CFUs in every serving
  • Perfect for soothing the gut
  • Just 2 capsules each day
  • 60 capsules - 1 month supply
  • GMP
  • Expert Formula
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan

What is Bio Culture Complex?

This new and improved WeightWorld™ formula is made up of several good bacteria that work in synergy to support the vitality and wellbeing of your body. To make it even better, our formula is unique in the market because it contains organic inulin and artichoke alongside 20 strains of live bacteria that boost your healthy lifestyle with a daily dose of 77 billion CFUs! You also get complete peace of mind with this UK-made product which is free from artificial additives and safeguarded by the highest standards.

What are the benefits of Bio Culture Complex?

Loaded with the goodness of stomach-friendly power, this probiotic supplement gives you 77 billion CFUs alongside 20 strains of beneficial bacteria - which is more than what most leading brands are offering on the market. To help you function optimally, these capsules are created using all-natural ingredients and contain no extras like gluten, dairy or soya.

These bio culture complex capsules can be taken daily without any worry. When your stomach works as it should, you are in a better position to absorb essential vitamins and minerals effectively, which in turn boosts your all-round wellbeing.

Who is Bio Culture Complex Capsules for?

This supplement is ideal if you are looking for a natural way to soothe your tummy, support your body and feel more active and energised. Your body’s natural defences are influenced by the strains of cultures in your stomach and so, several studies have linked digestion with bodily functions like weight management and overall well being. For this reason, our Bio Culture Complex is specifically formulated with good bacteria for their efficacy and ability to work harmoniously with your body.


Probiotic Bacteria Complex, FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) powder, Organic Inulin powder, Anti-Caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate. Capsules Shell: HPMC (Hypromellose).

Prebiotic Complex: Sodium Selenite, Inulin, Artichoke Powder, Potato Starch


Take 2 bio culture complex capsules each day alongside a glass of water and a meal, unless directed otherwise by your doctor. We recommend that you take these capsules on an ongoing basis for best results. Always read the full ingredients before taking to check for any personal allergens. Check with a professional before taking if you have any long-standing conditions.

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87.69% based on 12 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Good value, easy to swallow one a day probiotic. I feel much less bloated.

A Anni H
Verified Purchase

Excellent service

Verified Purchase

Very easy to take and I feel less constipated in general

J Jen
Verified Purchase

I really like that it is just one capsule a day

E Emile
Verified Purchase

It is good for me as it is halal and kosher

M Mohammed
Verified Purchase

I have been taking these for about 3 weeks now and so far so good! I have had no problems taking them and no side effects. I feel like I have more energy and don't get discomfort as I used to in my stomach.

D Daniel
Verified Purchase

This is really good for the price

A Allia
Verified Purchase

Very easy to take and I feel less discomfort now

M Mathias
Verified Purchase

This is really good in my opinion

J Jack
Verified Purchase

I think this is good and is making me feel better

T Tallulah

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