Bio Amla Powder

200 g | 100% Pure & Organic Indian Gooseberry Powder
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Key Features

  • Ideal for hair and weight management
  • Potent source of Vitamin C
  • Made from the finest organic Amla
  • Highest quality easy to mix powder
  • Can be applied to skin and hair too
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO Free

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Bio Amla Powder
Bio Amla Powder

200 g Powder | Organic Heart And Protection Powder


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reviews 4.5

91.63% based on 97 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Good quality product. Good value for money. Quick and easy delivery.

S Silke
Verified Purchase

Brilliant I have used this brand before and will continue to do so. Price is very good and especially when you bulk buy.

D Deborah
Verified Purchase

10/10 would recommend

R Ralph
Verified Purchase

I have quite a weak immunity so I decided to take this to help out. It’s the first Autumn I havent gotten ill once during.

M Matthew
Verified Purchase

I have been taking this as a far more seamless alternative to vitamin powders, which I had been religiously using before.

L Luke
Verified Purchase

So easy to take, I don’t start the day without it!

J James
Verified Purchase

I took this for digestive discomfort and it really helped! Would recommend!

M Mathew
Verified Purchase

I like this in a powder, I use it in my smoothies!

I Irene
Verified Purchase

I really like amla and I like this one as it is a good size for the price.

V Victoria
Verified Purchase

Bit hard to measure, so I just guess when I add to my smoothies

S Stephan

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