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Different forms of Green Coffee available

Green foods have always been a staple part of the human diet. For this reason, most of the coffee lovers are now switching to the Green coffee diet which is being praised as the new revolutionary weight-loss aid. But what makes green coffee a healthy option?

How is green coffee different from brown?

Apart from their colour, green and brown coffee beans are completely different in taste. Unlike the regular coffee beans which we mostly have in the morning, the initial processing of green coffee does not include the process of roasting which keeps it naturally green. Moreover, the many useful properties of coffee stay intact in the green ones and not ingrained in the black coffee. Thus, green coffee is used as natural product content to restore good health.

Green coffee along with having a positive effect on the overall condition of the human body also helps to lose weight fast, making it an active member of the Superfoods to boost metabolism. Green coffee contains less caffeine and more chlorogenic acid, which is well known to boost metabolic rate to help support weight loss. Drinking green coffee is now the latest trend for the dieters.

Different forms of green coffee

Coffee can be made available in both soluble and grain form. The grain is the most natural and unhampered form which is ready for processing delicious green coffee products. It is essential that green coffee beans are are not fried or roasted to maintain all the natural weight loss properties. Roasted coffee beans are famous for their taste and aroma but once roasted they loose chlorogenic acid that is essential to help boost metabolism. Green coffee beans in the unroasted is the good stuff before we drink it, even though the taste does not suit everyone, it still finds fans all over the world.

The process of roasting uses the same technology and methods as the black coffee. Soluble coffee is obtained from ground green coffee which is extracted with water. The extract obtained is then dried and you get a green powder by drying, making way through the twin-screw extruder. While the powder is passed through the extruder, the powder gets heated at a temperature ranging from 130° C to 240° C for up to 5 minutes. You then obtain a heat-caramelized extrudate product which is cooled and thereafter dried and grounded for you to use it in an easy powder-form.

Out of the three main ways of obtaining soluble green coffee the freeze-dried coffee is considered the highest quality. This makes them more expensive and more enjoyable.

Green coffee bean extract

Green Coffee pure Extract is now readily available in the form of concentrated capsules. You can now get all the health benefits of Green Coffee by simply taking 3 capsules a day. Green coffee bean extract contains high concentration of chlorogenic acid. The chlorogenic acid comes from the family of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. They are popular for helping your body get rid of free radicals which can damage healthy cells. But above all the chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract is the main compound which is responsible for the fat burning effects. These effects are caused first with a boost of body’s metabolism that brings blood sugar down. The extract is from green coffee beans, which contains most of their nutrients and properties. Another additional benefit is that it contains a small amount of caffeine in Green coffee bean extract, which makes it suitable for those who are sensitive to caffeine.