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Green Coffee Pure

7000mg 90 Capsules | Weight Management Capsules
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When it comes to looking for a natural weight management your search can end here with our 7,000mg pure potency Green Coffee Extract Capsules! Green Coffee is one of the most popular weight management products on the market today as it not only contains an invigorating, caffeine boost for targeting metabolism, but it is also rich in powerful Chlorogenic Acid which works to support your sugar levels too.

  • Pure green coffee extract
  • Supports weight management
  • High potency 7,000mg formula
  • 50% chlorogenic acid content
  • Natural source of caffeine
  • Sustainable green coffee product
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • GMP
  • Vegetarian

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Green Coffee beans in short, are the most close to natural form of coffee bean. They were discovered at least 1000 years ago, with the two seperate families of bean propagating: Arabica, and Robusta. Before the process of roasting was adopted in the Middle East in the 1500s, green coffee beans remained the sole bean to be traded. They differ from the common roasted beans due to their green colour, and distinct grassy, herbal aroma. However, it is their chemical properties that separate them from their roasted cousins, and these properties are what have lead green coffee beans and their precious extracts, to be a popular weight management and health supplement.

Green Coffee beans possess a higher level of purity than regular coffee beans. When a bean is roasted, aside from undergoing a significant change in flavour and aroma, a lot of the bean’s natural beneficial properties are diminished. Green coffee beans are special because they lock in all of those elements that might be otherwise lost - elements that are linked to metabolic function, blood pressure, cholesterol, and above all, weight management. Most notable of all of these elements is chlorogenic acid, which occurs naturally at a high concentration within green coffee beans.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid is the most significant active ingredient in green coffee beans, and is typically relinquished when the bean undergoes the roasting process that sees a green coffee bean, become a black one. This essential ingredient has been linked to several aspects of metabolism and fat balance, which make it attractive for use in connection with lipid management. Not only this, but chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol, a family of organic chemicals that have been connected to aspects of promoting bodily function and boosting the bodies’ natural defence mechanisms.

A triple threat

When considering the potential positive benefits for weight management of consuming chlorogenic acid enriched green coffee beans, there are three distinct avenues, through which a positive outcome could be experienced.


With regard to the accumulation of fat tissue, studies have suggested a link between consuming green coffee extract, and the bodies’ ability to accumulate fat. Furthermore, green coffee extract has also been suggested to have a relationship with lipid metabolism.

Sugar Levels

Sugar Levels
Another key consideration when pursuing a weight management regime, is the amount of energy that the body is taking in and then potentially storing as fat following adipogenesis. There is a suggested link between chlorogenic acid intake, and the uptake of glucose in the intestines which is said to mediate fat production.


Beyond the appeal of chlorogenic acid, green coffee, is a source of caffeine. Caffeine is said to have thermogenic properties that can help to regulate the bodies day to day function. Green coffee’s high concentration of polyphenols could also have an effect on internal defence and overall vitality.

Full List of Ingredients

Bulking Agent (Rice Flour), Green Coffee Extract, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)


Consume three capsules per day, preferably with meals. Green Coffee should be taken as part of a balanced diet. Product can be ingested on its own, or when submerged in an aqueous solution. Do not exceed the recommended dose unless instructed to by a physician. Green Coffee pure is sourced from 100% pure green coffee extract.


Green Coffee should be taken as part of a balanced diet, and should not be consumed as a meal replacement supplement. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any serious illnesses, please consult a physician before consuming this product. If you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements, please carefully read the full ingredients list. Green Coffee Pure is suitable for consumption by vegans and vegetarians.

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  • I have lost 3lbs and have not been using this that long so must be working! Now I will keep using then buy more


  • I have always been curious about green coffee and this seemed to be the best one out there, especially with the strength. So far they have been easy to swallow and not too bad to take each day. I have even dropped a dress size along with my new exercise routine so very happy with the results.


  • Only used these for a week, so too early to tell


  • I have just received them today. I need some time, at least a week of trial, and then I shall give my opinion. Thank you!


  • so happy with the i need something to waken me up the morning with out the after affects of drinking coffee, and on top of this imn losing weight


  • Food cravings are a thing of the past


  • Burning more calories, feeling great, where is this energy coming from.... oh thats right GREEN COFFE !!!!


  • feeling so alive


  • Took this for a month so far and have been liking it so now going to buy more!


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