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Spirulina for weight loss- does it really work?

Benefits of spirulina

Grown around the world from Mexico to Africa to Hawaii, Spirulina is renowned for its intense flavour and rich nutritional profile. While many are still unfamiliar with it, some may have noticed its use as an ingredient in green superfood beverages, energy bars and natural supplements. The benefits of using Spirulina are so amazing that it can be taken on a daily basis to restore and revitalize your general health. Nowadays, it’s not easy to stick to the right diet. This is why ordering Spirulinia and other Superfoods online has increased in popularity.

Is Spirulina useful for weight loss?

If weight loss was easy, there wouldn’t be an obese person in the world. The simple fact is that there is no shortcut to losing weight. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for weight loss, and it’s always easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. The golden rule of weight loss is that you need to eat less and exercise more. Now, you must be thinking- where does Spirulina come in picture? Spirulina Tablets are extremely beneficial for weight loss. They can help to suppress the appetite, reduce cravings for comfort food, increase your energy levels and regulate the body’s metabolism rate. This means that Spirulina can help you to both eat less and exercise more.

The appetite suppressing effect of Spirulina

Spirulina is very rich in protein. It is said to have a high concentration of proteins containing polysaccharides, which can boost the metabolism rate and enhance insulin function. This is important because hunger alerts are usually triggered when blood glucose levels and amino acid stores are reduced. As well as having a high protein content, Spirulina is composed of highly soluble cells, meaning that it breaks down quickly and is absorbed by the body with extra efficiency. It is this combination of high protein content and dissolvable simple cells that makes Spirulina such an effective appetite suppressant. Protein is absorbed almost immediately, leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Man with healthy foods and spirulina tablets

How does it work?

Spirulina is often mistaken for a herb, but it's actually a blue - green algae found in freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. It is an absolute powerhouse of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and essential vitamins, and it offers health benefits to practically every organ and bodily function. Apart from being rich in vitamins and essential pigments, this green seaweed has a very high protein content. These rich proteins help to satisfy hunger even better than carbohydrates and fat. Because Spirulina is composed of simple cells, it is easily dissolvable in water, meaning that its protein can be easily and quickly digested almost immediately. This is why Spirulina supplements are taken with water, for maximum efficiency. For best results, it is recommended that you consume Spirulina on empty stomach about 15-30 minutes before your meal.

Spirulina health benefits include suppressed appetite, elevated energy levels and the promotion of efficient fat burning. It also supports the immune and digestive systems and is a powerful detoxifier.

When used in combination with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, spirulina can definitely help to propel you towards your weight loss goals.