5 Yoga Positions For Beginners

Recent history has seen a real change in how we keep fit, and no greater example of this change exists, than the sensational rise of Yoga as the knowledge of life in modern times. While excessive or intense exercise causes muscle fibres to tear, yoga can help with the appearance of wrinkles and it is beneficial to the body in many ways. Namely, it is a calming yet invigorating experience that both allows your body to stretch and maintain its suppleness, and operates as a brilliant way to build core stability and joint mobility.

One thing about Yoga though, is that it’s a lot harder than it looks for the uninitiated, and what looks like a simple pose to the untrained eye, can quickly have you saying ‘there is no way my body can do that’. However, Yoga, like all types of exercise, is progressive in its difficulty, this means that there are some easy to master moves that can get you on the way if you’re a beginner. Here are 5 easy positions to get you started!

1) The Meditation Pose

Man and Woman sitting on two yoga mats meditating together

The main one that you associate with Yoga, and arguably the movement’s poster pose, the meditation pose harkens back to the spiritual roots of Yoga. After all, aside from being a great way to exercise, Yoga is all about seeking inner calm and this beginner pose allows you to straighten up your posture, clear your airways and relax.

2) The Cobra Pose

man doing a yoga stretch on a yoga mat in a yoga sudio

Another really easy pose, the cobra is one that is carried out in a prone position on the ground (or hopefully a mat). The aim of this pose is to bring your shoulder and head upward with your arms following behind, all the while keeping your legs straight and firmly on the floor. This allows your back to arch and for you to stretch the often neglected muscles at the base of your back while keeping your chin up.

3) Side Planks

Woman doing the side plank wearing gym attire in the gym

Planks... terrifying right!? Side Planks, on the other hand, are rather a lot more manageable and are perfect for wanting to tuck in and contract your core muscles such as your abs, whilst also engaging your legs and aiding balance. Make sure to use an arm to steady yourself though - otherwise, you may get a face full of canvas!

4) Downward Dog Pose

Woman doing the downward dog yoga position on a yoga mat

Another one of the more typically famous Yoga Positions, the Downward dog is a great all-rounder that may look a little silly initially, but once you perform it you’ll realise the benefits it has. It works to loosen out your shoulders whilst straightening your back, engaging your core, and stretching your calves and hamstrings too.

5) Sun Salutation

Woman doing various yoga exercises in a yoga studio

This exercise is a Yoga beginner’s dream and works by essentially taking you from sunrise to sunset. The exercise works as a sequence, bringing you from a standing position, onto your knees, and all the way back with a seamless blend of stretched poses. Even if you don’t want to do Yoga all the time, this is a great move to throw in at the end of a heavy workout to loosen you up and stretch your whole body off.

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