Top 5 Exercises To Do At Home

Let’s face it, our lives are very busy these days! Juggling your work or educational life with your home life is taxing enough before you throw in relationships, hobbies, social life, diets, double chin exercises and supplementation on top. This can mean that regardless of whether you want to be active, and love exercise or not, the process can start to become a chore. Also, gyms aren’t for everyone as they require regimented time and money. Surely keeping active and supporting your overall wellbeing doesn’t have to carry the time and cost based baggage? Well if all you want is to be healthy, it doesn’t have to! Here are WeightWorld’s top 5 exercises to keep you healthy and fit, that you can do in the comfort of your own home:

Number 1: Press Ups

woman doing a press up which is exercise number one

Press Ups are a great bodyweight exercise that engage virtually every muscle in your upper body, you can do them wearing almost anything but heels and a ballgown, and the floor is all the equipment you need (sorry astronauts)! They are also incredibly variable! Widen and narrow the position of your hands to focus on either your chest or arm muscles, increase the number to deepen the burn, or lower the speed to maximise stability.

Number 2: Squats

man doing a squat position to show exercise number two

Squats are just Press Ups for your legs! And just like press ups, they can be varied greatly, engage all of the leg and core muscles, and require no equipment. Just avoid staircases after doing loads!

Number 3: Yoga

image of woman doing yoga which is exercise number 3

Yoga is THE exercise of the modern generation, and it’s unsurprising, as all you need is a patch of ground (or carpet). No, we are not suggesting you hire a yoga instructor either! The internet is inundated with different exercise routines for a varied experience. Furthermore, Yoga is also great for posture, balance and aiding flexibility in your joints and muscles. It is also a great way to restore the balance of your specific doshas and relieve tension.

Number 4: Planks

photograph of men and women doing the plank exercise number 4

Plank by name and plank by nature! Aside from being a popular internet meme trend back in 2009 (check it out for a bit of nostalgia), the plank exercise is one of the greatest tests of abdominal fortitude, and it can be performed in your living room! It is a seamless way to improve your posture, engage your core and blast your abs, and due to the way it focuses all of your weight onto your abdominal area, results can be achieved from making time for mere minutes of this grueling exercise per day. And if you want to get your bikini body ready for summer, then add some versatility by planking on your side, or with your arms outstretched to work a wider range of muscles too!

Number 5: Crunches

woman doing crunches which is to show exercise number five

And last but by no means least, are crunches! Much like press ups, all you need for these is the floor, and a soft matt if you are used to the finer things in life. Much like press ups again, they are enormous in their versatility, so whether you want to be like other women with beautiful legs and washboard abs or just better core stability, there is crunch variant with your name on it!

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