Get Ready For Summer Calendar

Summer is just around the corner, but for those of us not quite ready for the sunshine months, you don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered with our Get Ready For Summer Calendar! We’ve got four weeks each with different ways and the best exercises for your body to get you in top form.

Week 1: Detox & Cleanse

In the first week of our Get Ready For Summer Calendar, it is all about cleansing the body and getting it prepped! This is a key first step, as it makes sure your body is ready to perform later on! To do this, you need to have a complete body cleanse to get rid of toxins and anything that can hold you back. There are a number of excellent natural cleansers, slimming solutions and supplements you can try for this, and we have some great food ideas to add to your cleanse diet for your first week!

infographic on food and drinks to help detox and cleanse

Week 2: Fat Burning

The second week of our Get Ready For Summer Calendar is about burning that fat! To do this, you need to combine food that burns stored fat along with plenty of exercise to say goodbye to that unwanted jiggle! In this week of our calendar, we have combined foods that can help to burn fat fast with our favourite fat burning workouts and cardio in order to get you on the way to that summer body!

infographic on food and drinks to help fat burning

Week 3: Build Muscle

In week three, the aim is to build muscle fast! In this week, we recommend taking natural supplements known to help with muscle growth and that are packed full of beneficial protein. You should also be adding plenty of lean protein into your diet for muscle gain and to keep you feeling full. Alongside this, in our calendar, we have a different muscle-building exercise for you to try each day to target different parts of the body.

infographic on exercises to do to build muscle fast

Week 4: Maintain

The final week in our Get Ready For Summer Calendar is to combine everything together and tone the body. This is a great time to merge your favourite parts of the last three weeks and push yourself to feel stronger and more confident. We recommend picking your favourite detoxing and fat burning foods and adding them to your diet as well as the best exercises for your shapely legs and body that you enjoy!

infographic on activities and things to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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