6 Solid Reasons to Try the Goodness of Guarana

Native to South America, this tropical fruit has remarkable benefits for fitness and beauty including alertness, vitality and weight loss. With the energising power of caffeine, guarana has become super popular as a power ingredient in foods, sports beverages, and beauty supplements across the globe. Keep scrolling to know more about Guarana health benefits and side effects!

  1. Helps Suppress Appetite

    Being naturally rich in bioactive compounds like tannins, caffeine, catechins, theobromine, epicatechins, theophylline, and proanthocyanidins, guarana has several health benefits.

    A study that combined guarana extract with damiana and yerba mate showed that it helped women curb their cravings. This reduction in appetite ultimately leads to weight loss. (1)

  2. Natural Energy Booster

    Guarana extract has many stimulants which trigger the production of energy which in turn enhances alertness and mental performance. (2) For these reasons, guarana extract is being widely used in dietary supplements, sports beverages. and energy drinks

  3. Skin Cleanser

    Guarana seeds are considered to have powerful antimicrobial properties and antioxidants as they contain caffeine, pigments, saponins, and choline. This is why guarana extract benefits the skin when used in cleansers, toners, lotions, and creams.

  4. Enhances Mental Wellbeing

    Apart from all the guarana benefits that have been listed so far, it is also believed to have a soothing effect on the mind. Regular supplementation of guarana extract may help reduce stress and anxiety and also improve mood by imparting a pleasing feeling and promoting relaxation in daily life.

  5. Improves Metabolism

    Guarana extract benefits go way beyond energy due to its high caffeine content. Apart from helping curb cravings, it is also believed to have the ability to boost metabolism. So you not only consume fewer calories, but also burn more fat over the course of time. (3)

  6. Boosts Weight Loss

    Guarana benefits are far-reaching in terms of vitality and alertness. Regular supplementation of Guarana extract encourages your nervous system to activate the lymphatic system. This triggers the natural process of burning fat wherein the stored fat is released into the bloodstream and converted into energy which is used for performing daily activities.

Guarana Uses and Benefits

Guarana supplements are made available in different forms from teas and powders to pills and beverages. Guarana is also used in conjunction with thermogenic ingredients to boost energy levels safely and naturally. As there are no official guidelines regarding dosage, it is best to consume 50-70 milligrams to maximise benefits and minimise the risk of side effects.

Side Effects of Guarana Extract

There are no known or reported side effects of guarana extract when used in supplements or powders. However, it is recommended that you limit the consumption of guarana extract to 200 milligrams per day. Do not exceed this dosage to avoid unwanted effects. This product is not intended to be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers. Finally, if you experience any side effects like headache or palpitations, discontinue the usage and consult a doctor.

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