White Kidney Beans: 5 Facts About This Natural Carb Blocker

Imagine eating all the carbs you enjoy and still not putting on weight? Sounds great, right? Carb blockers are formulated to do just that! White kidney bean extract is growing in popularity as a natural carb blocker. Know the science behind this supplement and decide if it is worth your time and money.

  1. Why Is White Kidney Bean Extract The Most Popular Carb Blocker Ingredient?

    When used in weight management supplements, white kidney bean extract works by blocking complex carbs and inhibiting the digestion of starches. When you consume a complex carb your body produces an enzyme alpha-amylase. When this happens, complex carbs are converted into simple carbs.

    Once these carbs are broken down, the food enters the stomach. Your body’s enzymes now need to break down the complex carbs and this is where the role of a carb blocker comes into the picture.

    After the food is ingested, carb blockers prevent the digestive enzymes from breaking down carbs into simple sugars. Then they go straight to the large intestine without being converted into simple carbs. When this happens, your calories don’t add up and your blood sugar levels don’t spike!

    Having said that, you can’t get away with simple carbs even if you are taking carb blockers. Eating sweet treats and unhealthy snacks won’t let you get away without the calories.

  2. The Connection Between White Kidney Bean Extract And Low Carb Diet

    White kidney bean extracts are designed to help overweight individuals who are struggling with their eating patterns while following a fitness routine.

    In simple words, if your carb intake is around 300 grams and you are trying to eat clean without giving up on delicious carbs, then a pure white kidney bean supplement can help you supercharge your weight loss journey.

  3. How Many Calories In White Kidney Beans

    A half-cup of high-fibre and cholesterol-free, white kidney beans will give you 125 calories and contribute a full 18% of the total calories in a daily diet of 2,000 calories.

  4. Nutritional Value Of White Kidney Beans

    White kidney beans are rich in essential nutrients, B vitamins, and vitamin E and K. However, the most vital vitamin in white kidney beans is folate.

  5. Pure White Kidney Bean Extract Side Effects

    Ideally, white kidney bean extract is considered safe if you follow the recommended dosage. However, this carb blocker is not intended for use in the long-term. Additionally, if you are allergic to white kidney beans then you should avoid it.

Where To Buy White Kidney Bean Extract

If you are considering a supplement, make sure it is produced to the highest quality, adheres to GMP guidelines, and the product has been tested for safety and efficacy. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, check the label because carb blockers also contain other animal byproducts. The most hassle-free way to buy a carb blocker with white kidney bean extract is online. This is where you can compare rates and read reviews so you know you are getting the best at the right price!

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