How To Lose Weight With Guarana

Guarana is one of the best natural superfoods around and is well known for its benefits for the body. So, how does it help you to lose weight? Find out how regularly taking guarana can help you to shed some pounds as well as provide natural energy for a healthy start to your day!

What Is Guarana?

A Brazilian plant native to the Amazon basin, guarana is a fruit that has been used for centuries due to its numerous health benefits and naturally energising effects. Also known as Paullinia cupana, this climbing plant bears fruit with a red shell surrounding a black seed that’s covered by a white aril that resembles an eye. The fruit and the seeds have been used by Amazonian tribes for years and is now becoming popular in Western society as a health supplement.

How Does Guarana Help You Lose Weight?

Whilst guarana is widely used for its many benefits, one of the main uses of the guarana fruit and seeds is for assisting with weight loss. When taken in the form of a natural capsule or powder supplement, it can help to suppress the appetite, increase the metabolism and provide natural energy which all contribute towards healthy slimming. So, how does it do it?

1. Appetite Control

An excellent way in which regularly consuming pure guarana pills or powder supplements can help you to lose a few pounds is by suppressing the appetite. Amazonian tribes would traditionally use the fruit when they were going on long journeys to sustain them throughout the day and keep them going. This is because guarana works to reduce the appetite so you don’t need to eat or snack as much, which is especially useful if you find it hard to avoid munching on unhealthy treats throughout the day!

2. Metabolism Boost

As guarana is a rich source of caffeine, it works as a stimulant to help boost metabolism and it is said that consuming regular guarana can increase the metabolic rate by 3-11% over 12 hours! The metabolism is the process in the body that works to take the sugar (or glucose) from the food we eat and either burn it as energy or convert it into fat which is then stored. When the metabolism is functioning at a higher rate, it performs harder so converts more glucose into energy instead of storing it as fat, therefore, resulting in weight loss.

3. Natural Energy

Did you know that guarana contains 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans? Guarana is packed full of compounds that act as a stimulant including caffeine, catechins and tannins. As a result, guarana serves as a natural energy source and is far healthier for you than a cup of coffee (especially if you add lots of milk, sugar and syrups!). So, how does this help you lose weight? Not only do the stimulants work to give the metabolism a boost, but they also help with your focus and motivation. This means you can work harder and longer at the gym and get in more exercise to lose weight.


Guarana is an excellent superfood and can be highly beneficial for those looking to lose a couple of pounds. Whilst it won’t make you drop a dress size instantly, taking guarana regularly can help to boost your body and get it working more efficiently for weight loss.

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