Iron & Vitamin C Gummies for Kids

120 Gummies | Natural Mixed Berry Flavour

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Key Features

  • Enriched with premium quality iron and vitamin C
  • Supports your kid’s natural physical and mental development
  • Ideal for your child’s brain, natural defences, bones & skin
  • Vitamin C supports the absorption of dietary iron
  • Star-shaped gummies in a delicious natural mixed berry flavour
  • 120 gummies per bottle - 4 months of uninterrupted supply
  • Natural formula, free from GMOs and artificial colours
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free

What Are maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies for Kids?

Both iron and vitamin C are vital to children and contribute to strengthening their natural defences as well as supporting their overall development. Unfortunately, human bodies can’t produce either naturally, so we primarily rely on food to fulfil the requirements. Iron and vitamin C can be derived from specific fruits and vegetables, but including these sources in their diet while measuring their optimal daily intake is not that simple.

That’s where we come in! With maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies for Kids, you can stop worrying about it for good. Help your kids reap the maximum benefits of iron and vitamin C daily with only one delicious natural mixed berry-flavoured gummy daily!

How Do Iron & Vitamin C Help Your Kids?

Here’s how iron benefits your kids -

  • Supports your child’s brain and overall development
  • Assists in the formation of haemoglobin
  • Facilitates normal cognitive, motor and other skills

Whereas, children can benefit from vitamin C in the following ways -

  • Helps fortify your child’s natural defences at the cellular level
  • Supports your kid’s brain, bones and skin
  • Assists in the absorption of dietary iron in children

Why Choose maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies for Kids?

Here’s why our maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies for Kids stand out from the crowd -

  • 100% free from GMOs, so that your children enjoy the benefits without facing any known side effects
  • Just 1 delicious natural mixed berry-flavoured gummy a day, ensuring a 4-month supply
  • Our gummies are lactose-free and gluten-free, ideal for kids with lactose or gluten intolerance
  • We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days so your kids can try the gummies risk-free
  • Our star-shaped gummies are natural and contain zero artificial colours


Children above 3 years of age chew 1 gummy daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Gummy should be chewed and not swallowed whole. Do not exceed the recommended intake. Do not give this to children under 3 years. Food supplements are intended to supplement the diet and should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet. Discontinue use and consult a GP if adverse reactions occur.

Can my children take these gummies if they have lactose intolerance?

Absolutely! maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies are lactose-free, making them suitable for children with lactose intolerance.

How often should my kid take maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies?

We recommend kids between 3-12 years of age take one gummy daily for optimal results.

Are maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies suitable for vegan children?

Yes, these tasty gummies are vegan-friendly, as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

How long does one bottle of maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies last?

Each bottle contains a 4-month supply when taking one gummy daily as recommended.

When can I expect to see results from maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies?

Results may vary from one child to another. While some kids may notice improvements in their health and well-being shortly after starting the supplement, others may require a longer duration. Consistency is key, and it's recommended to take the gummies as directed for the best results.

Can my kids take maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies with other medications or supplements?

It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if your kids are taking medications or other supplements. They can provide personalised advice based on your specific circumstances.

Are there any known side effects of taking maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies?

maxmedix Iron & Vitamin C Gummies are generally well-tolerated and have no known side effects.

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Verified Purchase

My child Tyler loves these star-shaped gummies, and I love that they're enriched with premium quality iron and vitamin C to support their natural development. A win-win for parents and kids! 5 Stars!

S Sophie
Verified Purchase

These gummies are fantastic! My kid's natural defences have never been stronger. Plus, the delicious mixed berry flavour makes it a treat for them. We're never running out with 120 gummies in each bottle! Truly fantastic!

J Jack
Verified Purchase

I'm thrilled with these iron + vitamin C gummies. Not only are they great for my child's brain and bone development, but they also help with iron absorption thanks to vitamin C. Truly a well-rounded product!

A Amelia
Verified Purchase

As a parent, I appreciate that these gummies are made with a natural formula and free from GMOs and artificial colours. My child's health is my top priority, and maxmedix makes it easy to support their well-being. Highly recommended!

H Harry
Verified Purchase

My son looks forward to taking these gummies every day, thanks to the delicious mixed berry flavour. I love that they're getting the essential nutrients they need for natural physical and mental development.

G George
Verified Purchase

These have become a daily staple in our home. They're not only a tasty treat but also essential for my daughter's natural defences. I couldn't be happier!

A Ava
Verified Purchase

A total game-changer. The fact that they support iron absorption with vitamin C is a bonus. My boy is thriving, and I'm a satisfied parent.

J Jacob
Verified Purchase

I'm impressed by the quality of these gummies. They're star-shaped, fun, and packed with essential nutrients. My lad is healthier than ever, and he loves the taste!

P Poppy
Verified Purchase

Excellent. My daughter enjoys them. They've definitely improved my child's health, but I wish the bottle had a bit more gummies for the price.

O Oscar
Verified Purchase

These gummies are great for my boy's health, and they love the taste. However, I wish the mixed berry flavour was a tad stronger. Still, it's a quality product.

L Lily

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