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MaxMedix Circulator Home Booster For Circulation

By MaxMedix

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The Circulation Massager has been specially designed to help alleviate aches and pains and soothe tired feeling feet and legs. This circulation massager works by using Electronic Nerve Stimulation and electro pads to help improve the blood flow around the legs and feet. It’s relaxing and perfect for those on their feet all day, do lots of sport, have bad circulation or suffer from conditions such as diabetes or osteoarthritis.

  • Helps improve circulation in feet and legs
  • 1 year warranty
  • 99 intensity levels and 25 programme modes
  • Enjoy from the comfort of your own home
  • Easy to use

The Circulation Massager device is easy to use with 99 intensity functions and 25 programme modes to choose from. With this circulation device you can easily find the perfect setting for you and your needs, without having to make a fuss or search through a number of products - it's all in one place! The best part about this though is that you can use it from the comfort and ease of your own home!

This product is not suitable for those with a pacemaker, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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"Healthy blood circulation is an absolute must for healthy tissues." Dr. Ben Kim

What is the Circulation Massager ?

It is a relaxing home-use device that uses Electronic Nerve Stimulation and 4 pads with TENS technology to help soothe and heal the lower body. It can help to increase feelings of wellbeing so you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and repaired. Many of our customers use the Circulation Massager device to relax, unwind and soothe aching bones. Its attractive LED display makes it simple to scan through the 99 intensity functions so you can choose a setting that’s right for you at that time. If you need a higher intensity- not a problem. If you fancy a slow, soothing intensity, that’s fine too. Plus there are no need for batteries, it plugs straight into the wall.

Do you suffer from swollen ankles? The Circulation Massager could help with that too – and all from the comfort of your favourite arm chair or sofa. The footpads use infrared technology to help stimulate blood flow, which can often lead to reduce swelling and comfort – see if it could work for you? If you’re intimidated by gadgets, this one is super easy to use and has a large LED display so that you can choose from 99 intensity levels and 25 programme modes. The Circulation Massager device is perfect for the everyday person who just needs a little pick-me up.

Electronic Nerve Stimulation

Every good gadget has great technology behind it, and the Circulation Massager is no different. It uses Electronic Nerve Stimulation for results you’ll be shouting about. It helps to stimulate your lower body’s nerves and muscles by simply contracting and relaxing. With time, this can help to improve blood flow and ease muscle pain and ankle swelling.

Essentially, it replicates the motion of walking, which we all know is good for us.

And as the electronic stimulation is sent through the soles of your feet, sit back and enjoy the relaxing experience.

Use this smart device alongside a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime for optimum health and wellbeing – combination is key.

How does the Circulation Massager device work?

Unlike other home circulation machines on the market, the Circulation Massager is very easy to use and operate, and because it uses pulses and doesn’t vibrate it’s quieter too. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing stimulation in the comfort of your own home, without bothering anyone.

Each session lasts just 20 minutes so if you’re a busy bee, this could be an ideal solution.

Once you have removed the Circulation Massager device and its accessories from the box and plug the device into a mains power supply. Turn on the power and away you go.

Remove your shoes and socks and place your bare feet to the pads. Both feet must be on the device for it to work. Finally, sit in a comfortable chair and increase or decrease the level of intensity, depending on your current need.

If you need to target a specific area, the electro pads can be applied directly any part of your body that needs some attention. Apply to your legs, knees, back or shoulders and wait until the aches and soothed away.

How do I know if the Circulation Massager device is working?

The Circulation Massager itself doesn’t vibrate so you won’t hear or feel any vibration. If you don’t feel anything on your feet during session then the intensity setting may be set too low. Increase it until you feel the pulses.

We recommend to start by setting the mode between 20-25 and sole between 80-99 and then increasing the intensity as desired. Your body may react differently from day to day so the level of intensity may need to be adjusted. That’s the beauty of the system – it will cater to your needs at that moment. The aim isn’t to reach intensity level 99, find the right level for you and maintain that. Also make sure that you aren't dehydrated, drink plenty of water before and during sessions.

Safe to use

The Circulation Massager was designed with comfort and safety in mind. Made using high-quality materials it will stand the test of time, and the technology it uses is totally safe for use within the home. It should not be used by people with Epilepsy, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, implanted medical Devices (such as Pacemakers), Cancer, Tumours, Tuberculosis, Hyperthyroidism, Severe Diabetes, Deep Vein Thrombosis, and Pregnant Women. Not suitable for Children under 16 Years.

Electro Flex Circulation Massager

What will I get?

The box will contain:
  • The Circulation Massager Device
  • 4 Electro Pads
  • Rotational Foot Massager
  • Mains Adaptor
  • Instructional Manual

Why choose to buy your circulation massager from WeightWorld?

We understand that there are many circulation devices available on the market but feel we have a number of great benefits that set us apart. Firstly we offer a competitive price for our circulation massager as we want to give our customers the best we can offer. Our circulation massager is also easy to use and offers 99 intensity levels to find the one that suits you and your body. We also offer next day UPS delivery especially for our Circulation Massagers if orders are placed before 4pm, meaning you could be using your device as early as the next day. We also offer a number of secure payment options so you can pay the way that suits you. Finally, here at WeightWorld we have a friendly and helpful customer service team who are dedicated to answering any questions or queries you might have that can be contacted via live chat, email or telephone.

Ordering yours

Remember that when you place your order by 4pm on any working day, you could start using your Circulation Massager as early as tomorrow afternoon. Begin now by simply choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option to proceed to our secure checkout.

Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.
Product Rating (86.43% based on 84 Reviews)
Service Rating (91.76% based on 68 )

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  • * nice price and nice product
  • * Really great! Gave this to my gran for christmas as she always compains of her feet and now its better - she does still complain but nowhere near as much!
  • * Going well so far
  • * Great device! Going to buy one for my friend for christmas!
  • * Think this is very well priced, it's high quality and just as good as other I've seen. Very happy
  • * Shame it doesn't have some sort of remote but good apart from that
  • * Being diabetic - I do have some neuropathy issues - mainly numbness in the feet - it's helpful to have this device.
  • * Good
  • * Very happy with the service recieved with this and the product itself has helped a lot with my feet. Thank you
  • * I'm astonished. I used this the same day I received it and feel great already. A great product!
  • * I'm diabetic and conscious of circulation in my legs. This really takes the pain away instantly. Fantastic!
  • * Ordered at 4pm, arrived the next day. Because of my condition, venus acne and poor circulation, I was unsure if I should use it. Phoned the company straight away and they advised me it was okay to use. Have used it for a week now and I definatelt feel better. My legs were painful to touch a week ago and have been for 6 months. Now I can touch my legs without any pain. I still have 1 or 2 tender spot but am hoping these will go with prolnoged. Thank you for a great product and fantastic service.
  • * thoroughly pleased with the piece of kit, works really well.
  • * very efficient, it works very well
  • * worked really well
  • * very happy with the results, its working a treat
  • * very much enjoying this piece of kit, fulfilling all my needs
  • * Has worked very well for me and the customer service were very helpful
  • * Cheapest one I could find and actually decent! My feet and legs feel a lot better when I use it
  • * Received this as a present from my daughter for Christmas and am very impressed!
  • * Would be a bit better if it had a remote of some kind but I still like it, just not that good at bending down anymore
  • * I have diabetes and I've found it personally has helped me with my legs
  • * Excellent
  • * Very nice customer service, they explained how to use it and since then i've been using it everyday and it has helped my sore feet
  • * This has really helped my legs feel a lot better, glad I bought it
  • * Nice
  • * Easy to order and very nice product at good price too!
  • * Really good, vry pleased
  • * I love my circulation massager!
  • * I play a lot of sport, mostly rugby and football and even the occasional golf and because of that my feet and legs do get quite tired and sore so this has helped greatly, even recommended it to my rugby lot
  • * Not sure what some people are saying about this, it's pretty simple to use
  • * As i've been getting older the pain in my legs has been getting worse and worse and this has started to really help, very glad I purchase this now
  • * works well
  • * simple and decent price
  • * as an avid sports player this is really good to help me after a long training session, use it a lot and have recommended it to others on my team
  • * I was a bit confused at first so had to ring customer service but now I can use it okay and enjoying it
  • * Love a good discount so this was great, got it at just the right time
  • * amazing!
  • * I was extremely impressed with the circulation booster from the first 25 minute session but feel that I should place on record that there continue to be incredible gradual but very positive improvements after each daily session. I have been using my Bio Energiser for several weeks now. It was worth every penny. To be able to power it by batteries when away from home, even when taking a break during very long duration journeys is a real bonus and must lessen the risk of DVT. Simply wonderful. Elizabeth
  • * Super piece of kit, great value and works a treat! The TENS pads were a bounsThanks
  • * Aching legs, painful and now swollen knees, consequent reduction in mobility..... all debilitating and frustrating. So it was either reflexology sessions or an investment in a circulation massager. After only one day there was an improvement, after two the improvement has continued. Yes, it was an excellent investment which will have paid for itself in one week. 25minutes 'treatment' whilst drinking my first cup of tea and watching Breakfast tv... just perfect.
  • * circualtion massager is very effective, i am please with it, definitely a worthwhile buy
  • * increasing circulation in my legs, i love my circulation massager .
  • * Very good but my mother has lost instructions can any one let me know how to get the instruction again.
  • * I like using this, i'm getting older (but not that old!) and it is starting to take it's toll as mch as I hate it so this is helpful for me. I would prefer some kind of remote with it though, then I would definitly give it 5 stars
  • * Bought this as a christmas present for my mum so hopefully she will like it, it looks like it will be very good for her
  • * Thank you this works brilliant for my husband and I sometimes use it too
  • * I am pleased with the machine. The service was good with no problems.
  • * Had an issue at first with it not working so had to send it back, they sorted it out and sent me a new one and helped me uderstand how to use it and now I can use it by myself and I've found it works really well. It does take some time getting used to and figuring out at first but once you do it's worth it, trust me!
  • * I don't know what all the fuss is about - this thing is really easy to use!
  • * Really good for my diabetes, my legs feel a lot better with this
  • * I've been looking for one of these for a while as the circulation in my feet has been getting worse and worse as I get older but some are just so expensive! Found this on sale for christmas and inally was a price I could afford. Very happy with it, has helped my feet a lot and didn't break the bank either!
  • * Took a while but now i've figured it out its a lot easier to use
  • * Excellent
  • * Easy to use and very helpful
  • * The older I get the worse the pain has gotten in my legs. My granddaughter bought me this as a present one day when I said something about it to her and it's one of the best presents I have gotten in a while!
  • * easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • * Was delivered fast and very good product overall, very satisfied
  • * thank you
  • * thumbs up from me!
  • * Difficult to figure out at first, had to properly read the manual
  • * Had a few issues at first but now very happy with it
  • * Perfect xmas present for my gran and grandad
  • * I like this a lot!
  • * Trust me when I say to persevere if you don't get it at first! It's worth it when you figure it out!!
  • * Little bit confusing to work at first but now i'm a pro!
  • * Have suffered a lot these last few years with my diabetes and my feet and this is the first thing that has actually helped me so very impressed
  • * gd i think for me
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