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Exercise Vibration Machine

Device | Full Body Workout Plate
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Working out and pushing your body to its absolute limit has never been easier with the Exercise Vibration Machine. This innovative full body workout plate uses state of the art vibration technology to stimulate muscle contractions from your feet all the way up to your head for a workout that hits hard in every muscle in the body. This overall allows for an unparalleled experience that can help you build & tone muscle whilst also dealing with fat too.

  • Powerful full body workout for a shapely figure
  • Enhances your slimming routine
  • Build & tone muscle + improve balance
  • Built-in body fat scanner
  • Remote control operation
  • 2 year warranty and free delivery
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified

What is the Exercise Vibration Machine?

This patented state of the art exercise vibration machine is the ideal tool for taking your body and sculpting your ideal physique out of it. Vibration technology can be felt over your whole body, providing incredibly powerful stimulations that cause your muscles to rapidly contract and relax. This provides a three-fold effect that targets your muscles, fat, and also your balance.

What are the benefits of using the Exercise Vibration Machine?

With gyms and working out requiring time that people simply don’t have anymore, exercise plate machines do an incredible service as they provide the opportunity for you to get an intense full body workout in the comfort of your own home. The Exercise Vibration Machine offers a level of user experience that grants it superiority over other workout plate devices. With 99 levels of intensity and three unique modes, this device provides you with a truly customisable experience that can help you craft your body in the image you desire and profoundly tone your physique.


This vibration exercise machine provides an intense sensation that deeply stimulates your muscle fibres all over the body. This helps them to build and tone for an overall greater muscle performance. The contracting and relaxing muscles also stimulate blood flow.


This device is also purpose-built to target your body fat. By providing you with an intense full body workout that you can feel, the Exercise Vibration Machine delivers functionality that is perfect for supporting your weight management routine. This device also comes with a built-in fat scanner function so that you can track your progress.


Aside from just stimulating your muscle and targeting your body fat, the Exercise Vibration Machine is also an incredibly good way to enhance your overall balance. The vibration technology also works to slightly throw your centre of gravity off, which makes your muscles subtly work to keep you upright and stable. This process develops your core strength. Perform exercises like squats whilst standing on the plate for a workout that is both harder and more balance beneficial than when performed on the solid ground.

How to use the Exercise Vibration Machine

  • Ensure the device is plugged in and on a flat, clean and non-slip surface with 8ft of space in every direction.
  • Mount the device and place your feet in line with the foot pads whilst either barefoot or in good gripping footwear.
  • Switch the device on using the remote control to start the vibrations.
  • You can now adjust the intensity and mode of vibrations using the remote. In particular, there is a walking, jogging and running mode.
  • Refer to the manual for tips on different positions you can adopt whilst using the device for targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Once the timer runs out, the device will cease vibrations and then you can end your workout and dismount the device.

When using the machine

The Exercise Vibration Machine is an incredibly versatile piece of technology to use in order to facilitate your ideal home workout. Stand on the machine to carry out the normal functionality, but you can also place your hands on the plate and form a press-up position to initiate a workout that targets the upper body. Or alternatively, you can lay across the machine on your midsection to work your abs. You can find the full list of suggested positions in the user manual.

Advice when using the Exercise Vibration Machine

When using this device, we recommend that you ensure that it has been placed on a flat and level load bearing surface that is non-slippery and has enough space for the device to have clearance for 8ft in every direction. The device itself cannot sustain a load that weighs more than 150kg. We also do not recommend that you use this plate device if you have recently undergone surgery or have sustained a severe injury to your muscle of bone. For the best results, use this device regularly and in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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  • I use this place to help with my core stability. I’ve found I can now carry out other exercises more naturally and to greater benefit.


  • I was not prepared for how intense the workout is! You feel it all over and I feel so toned afterwards!


  • Great way to help lose weight at home! I would recommend it to anyone looking for an added exercise to lose weight.


  • Really easy to set up and operate. Usually with these new workout devices its all setting it up and connecting it and then it just ends up gathering dust. I use this thing twice a day!


  • I use mine every day. It takes up virtually no space in the house and is great for my packed schedule.


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