front view of diet foods super guarana seeds powder
front view of diet foods super guarana seeds powder
view of packaging for diet foods super guarana Revitalising  Fruit Powder
view of packaging for diet foods super guarana Revitalising  Fruit Powder
view of packaging for diet foods super guarana Revitalising  Fruit Powder
view of packaging for diet foods super guarana Revitalising  Fruit Powder

Super Guarana

Revitalising Amazon Fruit Powder


Fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion - feelings we all wish we could replace with a sense of energy, vigour and drive! When we’re super busy or powering up for a workout, don’t we all think about reaching for a chemical filled energy or sports drink? To balance that temptation, you can now enjoy Super Guarana Powder, a natural and organic energiser that’s perfect for you to blend into smoothies, juices, and even sweet snacks.

  • Steady, reinvigorating energy boost
  • Guarana has more caffeine than coffee
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Highly adaptable to different recipes
  • Naturally sweet, fruity flavour
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

You can take a truly holistic approach to satisfying your energy needs by mixing Super Guarana Powder into various aspects of your diet and lifestyle. This fruit, already a beloved favourite across the Amazon basin, is ideal for those looking to aid their mental acuity, physical power, sense of motivation and personal fitness. By taking advantage of one of Nature’s most potent invigorating compounds, you can avoid turning to artificial substitutes ever again and get on the road to a healthier way of life.

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian

Precious Guaranà

Guaranà fruit

The Guaranà fruit is named after the Guarani people, who are native to the Amazon rainforest. Half of all the world’s living species are found in this rich environment, as well the hundreds of thousands of indigenous people who still make the rainforest their home, and whose love for the fruit led to it becoming a popular ingredient to the general population. It’s understood that teas and hot drinks were traditionally used to consume it, often used during periods of fasting to supplement energy levels. Nowadays, it’s become a cult favourite in carbonated drinks and sweets across South America, popular for its natural, fruity sweetness and energising capabilities.

What Guarana Can Give to You

The scientific community has begun to hone its attention onto this ancient traditional stimulant for one reason - caffeine levels that can reach up to four times higher than coffee beans. Caffeine is a regular component of so many of our days, considered to be vitally helpful in advancing a sense of mental acuity, physical stamina, metabolism and digestion. Fitness enthusiasts often use it both to promote better physical performance, in addition to as a thermogenic factor, to boost lipid metabolism.

Guaranà fruit allows you to enjoy a potently natural form of this incredibly popular stimulant, in a form that’s pure of the unnecessary additives or sugars found in modern drinks. There’s also an increasing understanding that there are other, unique combinations of compounds to be found in Guaranà, that boost its capabilities to give you an all day slow release of energy. Many of these are other xanthines, including tannins, catechins, and procyanidins. Furthermore, recent research into the consumption of Guaranà fruit extracts by people local to the Amazon basin found strong links to both lower cholesterol and waist circumference.

Super Guarana Powder’s Extra Powers

This powder is also enriched with key Vitamin B1, which is known to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and normal energy-yielding metabolism. You can also enjoy the benefits of three valuable minerals. Calcium is known to contribute to normal muscle function, and the maintenance of normal bones; phosphorus to healthy cell membranes; potassium is understood to help the nervous system.

  • Mental acuity
  • Physical endurance
  • Lipid metabolism
view of packaging for diet foods super guarana Revitalising  Fruit Powder
  • Positive motivation
  • Managing weight
  • Cholesterol

Super Guarana Powder - A Sublime Source

The powder gives you the opportunity to blend this fruit’s stimulating capabilities into your smoothies, juices and desserts. Ideal for those looking for versatility and experimentation, and enjoy taking part in a healthy lifestyle, it can be mixed with all manner of foods to make all manner of nutritious and delicious dishes. Super Guarana Powder contains only pure, organic guarana powder: it’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and is 100% free of harsh chemicals. We recommend using one spoon in each serving, and up to three each day. This product is not intended for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant, or those who have a caffeine sensitivity or intolerance.

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

82.67% based on 14 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

i am really lovin this stuff, it has really given me an extra boost that i needed, i have 4 kids and i really needed something to keep me going throughout the day, i have been using this for a couple days and i have already noticed that my energy levels are improving, gotta keep drinking!!

J JoannaGuarana
Verified Purchase

due to my work being very stressful and tiring i have been looking for something that is natural to give me some extra energy and brain functionality, since i have sarted drinking the super Guarana i feel that work has become less of a challenge and i have the energy to keep on going without feeling tired, its a great supplement and i reccomend to anyone who needs that extra boost. thanks. Lisa

a activelisa
Verified Purchase

Great product and would recommend it to anyone

M Martin
Verified Purchase

Great powder, easy easy to add to smoothies and drinks

R Richard
Verified Purchase

Great product, recommend it

K Kevin
Verified Purchase

The idea of a superfood supplement was a bit of a strange one for me and out of my comfort zone but been gaining a lot of weight recently so got a bit desperate - has really helped and am losing the pounds fast now!

P Paul
Verified Purchase


A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Doesn't taste that great but if you add it to a smoothie or something it generally covers the taste

A Anita
Verified Purchase

Thumbs up from me!

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

I really enjoy this

H Hannah

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