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Vitamin E is important for our bodies to function healthily. But do you get enough from your daily diet? Give your body the extra boost of protection and support it deserves with WeightWorld’s Vitamin E 400 IU. Our Vitamin E supplements are designed with you in mind. They come in an easy-to-use softgel form to support the absorption of this fat-soluble nutrient.

  • Essential for the normal function of your immune system
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress and cell damage
  • Comes in an easy-to-use softgel form
  • GMO free and GMP certified supplement
  • Dairy, lactose and gluten free
  • 6 months’ supply
  • Gluten-free
  • GMP
  • GMO Free
  • Lactose Free

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is essential for the normal functioning of your body and to maintain a strong immune system. In recent years, this supplement has been popularised as an effective way to protect your cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. High levels of free radicals can be detrimental to your body as they are linked with illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Vitamin E is naturally found in foods such as nuts, vegetable oils and leafy green vegetables. To ensure that you are reaping the rewards of this supplement, use WeightWorld’s Vitamin E Softgels to increase your daily vitamin E intake and protect your cells from oxidative stress and cell damage!

What are the benefits of Vitamin E?

Weightworld’s Vitamin E 400 IU Softgels are jam-packed with the essential elements needed to protect your cells from oxidative stress. This helps to strengthen your natural immune system and defend against cell damage.

Vitamin E is also believed to be beneficial in combating certain age-related disorders such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Who is Vitamin E for?

The benefits of vitamin E are so far-reaching that it’s the perfect supplement for just about anyone.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your body’s natural immune system or to enhance your vitamin intake, WeightWorld’s Vitamin E Softgels is designed with you in mind.

Vitamin E supplements are also known to be beneficial in the later stages of pregnancy to reduce the likelihood of preeclampsia.

Full List of Ingredients

Vitamin E (DL-α-Tocopheryl Acetate), Softgel: Glycerin, Water, Soybean Oil and Gelatin.

How to Use

Take 1 softgel daily with a full glass of water, preferably with a meal.

No known side effects; please take into consideration any known allergies that you may have before using this product.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medication or are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur. This product is not intended for use by persons below the age of 18.

Allergen information: contains soy.


Keep in a cool dry place away from the reach of children.

Vitamin E 400 IU softgels have a shelf life of 24 months.

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Vitamin E
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400 IU 180 Softgels | Vitamins & Minerals


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Verified Purchase

Another fantastic product from WeightWorld! I have been using Vitamin E for years and these softgels are my favourite!

N Nicole
Verified Purchase

Good product. Nice and easy to use.

J Jason
Verified Purchase

I have only been using these supplements for 2 weeks and I feel great. Thank you WeightWorld!

K Kerry
Verified Purchase

Really simple to take and great value for money.

P Perdeep
Verified Purchase

My doctor recommended these supplements to me. So far I have noticed a big improvement

C Chris
Verified Purchase

Effective and not a chore to take at all!

C Chelsey
Verified Purchase

Great product - would recommend!

R Ramola
Verified Purchase

I am really seeing the benefits

J Jack
Verified Purchase

The ideal supplement

J Jenni
Verified Purchase

I have been taking the supplement for a month and I have noticed a vast improvement. Very satisfied.

H Harry

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