12 Replacement Gel Pads for Abs Stimulator

Refill Set


Keep your 8 Pad Abs Stimulator working to it’s best with the Abs Stimulator Replacement Gel Pads! Designed to maintain optimal adhesion and conductivity, by replacing the abs gel pads on the device regularly you can keep the device performing to the max. These highly adhesive abs stimulator pads are simple to use and allow you to continue using your device with ease.

  • Use with the WeightWorld 8 Pad Abs Stimulator
  • For optimal use of the device
  • Designed for comfort and efficiency
  • Easy to replace and apply
  • Contains 12 replacement abs pads
  • Replace every 20-30 sessions

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How long do the abs replacement pads last?

With regular use of the 8 Pad Abs Stimulator, the gel pads will begin to lose their adhesion. As a result, we recommend replacing them, on average, after every 20-30 uses. This will depend on each person’s specific use of the device, so here is how you will know it’s time to use the abs replacement pads. Change them when:

  • You’re not getting the intensity you want
  • The muscle stimulation isn’t as strong as you’re used to
  • You can’t work at your usual intensity level
  • The pad’s surface is uneven and flakes off
  • The EMS pulses cannot be distributed as effectively
  • It is pierced, broken or torn

How to replace your abs gel pads

  1. Each box contains 6 packets with 2 gel pads each
  2. Open the protective packaging and take out the gel pads
  3. Carefully remove the blue protective film from the individual replacement gel pad
  4. Stick the gel pad to the back of your device pads, pressing gently

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Verified Purchase

There ok should have ordered more at the beginning

A Alexander M
Verified Purchase

This work, very happy.

N Noelia V
Verified Purchase

Ordered these as spares, haven't used them yet, but they are the same as the ones that come with it.

N Nicola B
Verified Purchase

The gel pads don't last very long

N Nicole P
Verified Purchase

Ok good product

Y Yannick P
Verified Purchase

Very good as I now have spares identical to the ones on the pads already

N Nicole H
Verified Purchase

Good product

B Bekah G
Verified Purchase

Very quick delivery

D Darren S
Verified Purchase

I’m glad there are now replacement pads so I can keep using the device!

H Harry
Verified Purchase

Easy to use and a good price.

J Jen

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