5 Ingredients For A Seasonal Detox This Autumn

With Autumn upon us, and the stresses of Christmas fast on the way, we can all do with some detoxification in our lives, so that we can end up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the months ahead. At WeightWorld we have been looking at some of the best ways to detoxify this October, from detox tablets to detox drinks, and we’re calling October the official detox month of 2020

Autumn isn't just about swapping swimwear for sweatshirts and kissing the sunshine goodbye, it's a whole unique season, and it brings with it some great ingredients that you can add into your daily routine for some detoxifying wellness effects. Here are 5 Autumnal Ingredients that can help send you on the way to completing a detoxctober!

It's also worth noting that because these ingredients may be seasonal, you might save money for swapping them with other ingredients for your detox beverages for October.

1. Apples

Bunch of bright red apples with the leaves on the stem

A is for Apple. Arguably the most popular and cultural significant fruit...they even have a city nicknamed after them! You would think Apples are in season all year round, but they’re actually an Autumnal fruit. Aside from being a tasty fruit that you can cook, bake into a pie, add to salads, or snack on immediately, Apples are a great detoxifier. Namely, they are a source of fibre which aids digestion, the process by which we rid our body of unwanted agents. They are also a source of Vitamin C, which contributes to the function of our immune system, protecting us from toxicity.

2. Pumpkins

number of pumpkins used as a great source of vitamin c

The most iconic thing to come out of the ground in the Autumn period. When we think of Pumpkins we often associate them with ghouls and goblins, and the spookiness of Halloween, but Pumpkins can be used for so much more than just turning into a jack-o-lantern for one weekend of the year. Like Apples, they are a great source of Vitamin C, as well as offering 170% of your average daily Vitamin A dose in every 100g. Vitamin A, of course, is associated with having clear and detoxified skin as well as supporting vision. Pumpkins also pack in a load of Potassium, which is one of the main electrolytes involved in regulating your endocrine system. No that wasn’t a spelling mistake! The endocrine system is essentially the inner working behind how toxicities are removed from your body in urine. Also, just one Pumpkin will give you an entire week's worth of Pumpkin soup!

3. Carrots

Bunch of carrots on a wooden table with a load of vitamin c

Can you sense an orange theme beginning? Carrots are another example of something that is painstakingly easy to consume. Raw, with some hummus, made into some stew, cooked with meat - the possibilities are endless! Carrots have almost double the amount of Vitamin A in them as Pumpkins, which is why they’re commonly used to detoxify the skin, helping you to achieve a clear and clean complexion.

4. Cabbage

Cabbage plant covered in water droplets with thick leaves

Just like Pumpkins, you can get absolutely loads of food out of cabbage, as most varieties are brimming with thick leaves that can be chopped up and used in different types of cooking. That’s why Cabbage is often considered second only to Potatoes, as the most economical vegetable when it comes to paying a little and getting a lot. However, in the interest of detoxing, Cabbage is absolutely bursting with natural fibre to help break down food and push toxicity out of your body, as well as a wealth of flavonoids for protecting you against oxidative stress.

5. Kiwi

kiwis next to each other with half cut kiwis on top

Yes, that’s right, Kiwi! Although you might associate Kiwis with a summer fruit salad, they are actually ripe and ready for the picking in the Autumn. This strange, colourful fruit holds a wealth of detoxifying benefits underneath its fuzzy skin. Namely, it actually holds almost twice as much Vitamin C and E as Oranges and Apples for protecting your cells from oxidative stress. It also contains a good amount of dietary fibre to aid digestion.

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