Why are colon cleansers necessary and beneficial?

Most people are pretty good at looking after their external appearance – from manicures and moisturising to facials and trips to the hair salon. It’s not always as easy to look after your insides, but it is equally important, if not more. Our modern way of life inevitably leads to the accumulation in the colon of stagnant putrid waste, which the body has not been able to eliminate. Undigested waste accumulates over the years on the walls of the colon and may lead to constipation, weight gain and other health issues. Keep reading to know more about healthy meal prep tips and how to cleanse the colon naturally.

What Is A Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse is where you cleanse and detox the colon or the large intestine in order to remove toxins and harmful bacteria, whilst leaving the good bacterias behind. The idea behind colon cleansers dates all the way back to the ancient theory of autointoxication, which states that undigested food may cause a mucus build-up in the colon. This build-up then produces toxins which can be harmful to the body, and create symptoms such as fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, weight gain and a reduction in energy levels. A colon cleanse, therefore, is needed to remove these toxins, to not only improve your digestive health, but also improve your overall general wellbeing.

There are typically two main methods for cleansing the colon; at home with cleansing food and natural products, or through a practitioner performing a colon irrigation or enema. The second is a more intrusive, formal and uncomfortable method, so it’s easy to understand why many are now resorting to a more natural method to colon cleanse.

How To Cleanse Your Colon Naturally

There are a number of different ways to cleanse your colon, including having a colon irrigation under the supervision of healthcare professionals. These however, can be awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes expensive. This is why it’s recommended to first try some natural methods for cleansing your colon.

  1. The first way to help cleanse your colon is by engaging in physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle or a low amount of physical activity is said to be a common cause of constipation. Moreover, exercise has a number of other benefits too, including weight loss.
  2. The second is to look into natural colon cleansing drinks and supplements. As long as you buy one which is natural and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, they can provide you with the beneficial properties your colon requires
  3. The final method is to consume food and drinks which are natural colon cleansers. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibres, and switching to green tea or green coffee will support the cleansing process

Colon Cleansing Foods & Drinks

Water - By drinking the recommended amount of water a day (8 glasses), not only can you help your colon to flush out toxins, but you can also receive all of the other benefits of good hydration, such as radiant skin, better cardiovascular health, and weight loss.

Apple Juice - Drinking fresh apple juice encourages bowel movements, as well as helping to break down toxins in the digestive system. Freshly squeezed apple juice is preferred, though packaged apple juice can also provide this benefit.

Lemon Juice - Much like apple juice, lemon juice can also act as a natural colon cleanser. Lemon juice has a high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties which are beneficial for the digestive system

Green Tea - is high in antioxidants which help to remove toxins and improve bowel functions. Matcha green tea also contains a very high level of antioxidants, which is why it is a great detoxifier and natural colon cleanser.

Fibre-Rich Foods - Fibre is known to help improve bowel movements and encourage a healthy digestive system. Fibre-rich foods include certain cereal, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, oats and bran.

Flaxseed - is also a source of natural fibres, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. This makes it great for helping to remove toxins and improve the digestive system.

Yoghurt - Fresh yogurt is a probiotic food, meaning they contain live and active cultures which are great for the digestive system. These are also known as ‘friendly bacteria’. These friendly bacterias can also help with stomach problems such as indigestion, flatulence and irregular bowel movements.

Green Leafy Vegetables - such as spinach and kale can be effective colon cleansers, as they are full of chlorophyll, which can help to remove toxins, as well as protect the digestive tract from different ailments.

Aloe Vera - acts as a laxative, meaning it can help with bowel movements. Aloe vera can also have a number of other benefits when used for an aloe vera colon cleanse, such as helping with headaches, skin infections, gastric pain and constipation.

Ginger - helps to reduce bloating and also aids digestion, by stimulating the secretion of digestive fluids. This makes it a great natural colon cleanser.

Garlic - has allicin which exhibits antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties, which make it a great colon cleanser which can help remove harmful toxins and parasites.

Why Should I Use Colon Cleanse Products?

Occasional constipation, bloating and gas are some of the most common symptoms of poor digestion. If you suffer from any of these, it could be a sign that your gut isn't working as well as it should be. Colon cleansers could help. Bad health in this area can get in the way of weight loss too, so it’s important to get back on track. Whether it has happened because of a poor diet or pollution in the environment, colon cleansers with benefits of activated carbon can be used to refresh this process of digestive function, so your body can get back to doing what it does best.

Ingredients To Look Out For In Natural Colon Cleanse Products

Apple Pectin - helps to break down the buildup of mucus in the gut. It is also used as a bulking fibre to help carry toxins out of the body.

Activated Charcoal - traps and absorbs toxins, gases and various chemicals in the digestive system to help flush them out and remove them.

Psyllium Husk - This is a rich soluble fibre to aid bowel movements. It works by acting as a bulk-forming laxative that soaks up excess water and toxins in the colon.

Bifidobacterium - This is what is known as ‘good bacteria’ and can help cleanse the bowel as well as replace any good bacteria lost from other forms of cleansing.

Brown Rice Fibre - is a rich source of dietary fibre, which is known to be an effective colon cleanser. It contains useful minerals that can aid the colon’s health too.

Ginger Root - helps relieve nausea, discomfort after eating, and flatulence. It can also help to reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract.

Aloe Vera - works as an effective laxative and colon cleanser. It can also help to soothe and heal tissue in the intestinal tract, improving the colon’s overall health.

Colon Cleanse Benefits

A dirty colon blocks the proper assimilation of nutrients, and therefore the toxins accumulate faster; it is for this reason that it is crucial to clean it. Even if you have "normal" stools, your colon gets dirty gradually and requires an occasional cleanse. Here are some benefits of a natural colon cleanse:

Increased energy

Man FAllen Asleep At His Desk

Every day, your colon is bombarded with toxins. Most of us begin to feel tired, too exhausted to work and even too tired to cook our own food. This leads to the process of choosing unhealthy meals which lead to a toxin build-up in the body. After cleaning the colon, you will feel an inner and outer revival. Colon cleansing increases your energy as you clean up old wastes from your colon. By eliminating toxic substances, your body will continue to work better and feel better.

Woman With Stomach Pain

Reduced constipation

After years of an unhealthy diet, the colon gets covered with a plaque-like substance, called mucosal plaque. This causes constipation and is not good for your well-being. Colon cleansing not only helps to eliminate waste from the intestinal walls, but also allows waste to pass more freely. After cleansing the colon, the relief is undeniable.

Elimination of diarrhoea

Man Going To The Toilet

To put it simply, diarrhoea is a condition which occurs because of the toxins and can cause problems in the solidification process of your excreta. After the colon cleansing process, you can be sure that this condition will be significantly reduced, allowing bowel movements to be stronger.

Woman With Clear Skin

Clean skin

Acne is caused by the impurities in your body. The toxins that hide in your colon can reach your bloodstream and gradually move into the layers of your skin. In an effort to escape from your body, these toxic substances target the pores resulting in acne. When you clean your colon, you get rid of these toxic substances, and the effect of this will be clean, healthy and radiant skin.

Weight loss

Woman Measuring Waist Size

This is one of the best kept secrets of colon cleansing. It’s an accepted fact that the average person carries 5 to 20 pounds of intestinal waste. The most dramatic and immediate effect of a colon detox is just how much lighter you’ll be once all of this is cleaned up from your system. Your colon becomes quite clogged over time and one of the ways you can effectively clean up the accumulated waste is with the help of natural ingredients for detox or a pure colon detox product.

Elimination of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by food that is not digested properly. Bad breath is also an indicator of an unbalanced diet. A diet that includes processed foods and not enough fresh vegetables can increase the chances of bad breath. In addition to bloating, weight gain, constipation, gas, skin problems and insomnia, bad breath could be a sign of a parasitic disease. Cleansing the colon will solve the issue of bad breath problem by tackling the problem at the source.

In conclusion...

Detoxification of the colon is a good thing as it eliminates all negative residues that are often unpleasant and unhealthy. Thus, to enjoy a healthier life, a good colon cleanse is strongly recommended. However, natural colon cleanse methods go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle.So instead of heading straight to gorging yourself on burgers and beer, try these tasty and easy spirulina recipes for an effective cleanse!

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