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Liposomal Vitamin C

250ml Liquid | Advanced Immune System Formula
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Liposomal Vitamin C by WeightWorld is a premium liquid supplement which is specially formulated to support the immune system. With a potent delivery of 1000mg of Vitamin C per serving, it acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. Plus, using a unique liposomal delivery method, it ensures optimal absorption of our powerful Vitamin C supplement for max results!

  • Advanced formula for the immune system
  • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress
  • Potent 1000mg per serving
  • Highest bioavailability
  • Recommended daily amount of Vitamin C
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose Free

What Is WeightWorld Liposomal Vitamin C?

When it comes to Vitamin C supplements, what can really make the difference between them is their bioavailability. WeightWorld Liposomal Vitamin C serves as the perfect solution due to its scientifically proven liposomal delivery method which ensures the nutrient is delivered directly to cells within minutes while protecting it from the damaging elements of the digestive system. We also use premium quality ingredients and an immaculate formulation to ensure maximum effectiveness and purity.

What Is It For?

WeightWorld Liposomal Vitamin C is ideal for those looking for a high-dose Vitamin C supplement with superior bioavailability. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in energy production, the release of energy from food and in strengthening the immune system. Our product contains millions of nano-sized spheres called “liposomes” that shield, protect and deliver the nutrients directly into the cells. This ensures that you reap the maximum benefits of Vitamin C which include:

  • Normal collagen formation
  • Protecting cells from free radical damage
  • Supporting the function of the immune system
  • Promoting metabolism
  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Normal functioning of gums, skin, teeth, bones and cartilage

Who Should Use WeightWorld Liposomal Vitamin C?

Ordinary Vitamin C supplements are not efficiently processed and absorbed by the body. Our Liposomal Vitamin C liquid supplement, however, is highly popular amongst those looking to reap the benefits of a high dose of Vitamin C. It is also highly bioavailable which makes it one of the best in the market. What’s more, this easy-to-take liquid supplement is perfect for people with a hectic schedule and looking for a quick and effortless method to maintain their wellbeing.

How To Use?

Take one 5ml dose daily. You can take it directly into the mouth or mix it into a glass of water or juice. Always read the entire list of ingredients to avoid any personal allergens. WeightWorld Liposomal Vitamin C is FREE from: GMO, corn, gluten, rice, yeast and dairy products. It is halal and kosher certified, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and has no known side effects.

Ingredients List

Water, Sweetener: Xylitol; Vitamin C (Potassium, Sodium Ascorbate & L-ascorbic Acid); Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin; Humectant: Glycerol; Preservative: Potassium Sorbate; Flavouring: Orange; Antioxidant: Vitamin E (D-alpha Tocopherol).

Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers. All testimonials and reviews below are the experiences and opinions of WeightWorld customers. They should not be considered as health, medical or medicinal claims. They are no substitute for taking medical advice.

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Outstanding Trustpilot rating4.5

89.6% based on 24 Reviews

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  • Good consistency and easy to administer but doesn’t taste very good


  • Pleased to have been recommended this


  • Cleared up my throat.


  • The Lyposomal Vitamin C shouldn’t have alcohol ingredient as there are people whom can not have alcohol because of their illness


  • On time as expected thank you


  • The only thing that I wasn’t happy with it, is because I’ve received my package open


  • Outstanding product and customer service. Gets a big thumbs up from me.


  • Outstanding product!


  • Excellent for boosting immunity, especially in the season of the cold, impacting so many people.


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