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Skinny Coffee - 28 days 90g | 28 Day Weight Management Programme

By Örtte

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Örtte Skinny Coffee is a unique blend of coffee with superfood ingredients that is designed to be a healthier alternative to your regular cup of coffee. Due to this unique blend, it is also powerful slimming coffee that can be used to help boost the metabolism and aid healthy weight loss. This premium Skinny Coffee is specially designed to make weight loss delicious, simple and enjoyable!

  • Helps your body to burn fat & increase metabolism
  • Instant coffee - no need to filter
  • Healthy substitute for your average morning coffee
  • Made with 100% natural & organic premium ingredients
  • Does not contain senna or laxatives
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Örtte Skinny Coffee uses premium quality Arabian coffee beans, which are well known for their fat-burning and appetite-suppressing properties. This slimming coffee also contains superfoods such as ginseng, chlorella and spirulina, which are known to help inhibit fat storage and encourage weight loss as well as giving a great antioxidant boost. With Örtte Skinny Coffee it's never been easier to make your coffee healthier!

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Brand: Örtte
Duration: 28
Weight: 90g

What is Örtte Skinny Coffee?

Örtte Skinny Coffee is a healthy fat burning coffee that has been specially developed to promote greater and effective weight loss. This slimming coffee is made using a unique and hand picked blend of coffee with natural superfood ingredients to give you a high-quality solution for those looking to lose some weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Because of the beneficial ingredients that make up this weight loss coffee, by substituting your regular morning coffee it can help boost your metabolism, burn fat and increase your energy levels. This can help your weight loss efforts and is as easy as substituting your morning coffee! Another benefit is that because of ingredients such as matcha, this Skinny Coffee can also help detox and cleanse your digestive system. So if you are working towards a healthier and slimmer you, why not give Örtte Skinny Coffee a try!

Why is Skinny Coffee more useful for weight loss than regular coffee?

Skinny Coffee is a natural blend of coffee beans with other beneficial superfood ingredients that can aid with weight loss. Örtte Skinny Coffee is made up of high-quality Arabian coffee as well as superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella and matcha. An extra health and weight loss kick comes from green coffee beans that contain chlorogenic acid. While all unprocessed coffee beans have beneficial properties, green coffee beans can help to naturally detox and cleanse the body and encourage weight loss. The unique combination of coffee and superfood ingredients that make up Örtte Skinny Coffee means it can be a great weight loss aid and an easy, healthy and beneficial substitution from your usual coffee.

The benefits of drinking Örtte Skinny Coffee can include:

Coffee Cup
  • Easy, enjoyable weight loss
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Reduced appetite
  • Strong immune system
  • Reduced abdominal bloating
  • Healthy, beautiful skin
  • Less stress, more energy
  • Enhanced stamina and fitness
  • Reduction of the appearance of ageing signs
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing

What are the ingredients of Örtte Skinny Coffee?

Image of Organic Green Coffee Beans
Organic Green Coffee Beans Can help increases metabolism and energy levels, burn body fat and weight and have a positive effect on mood and concentration. They are also packed full of antioxidants which help to reduce the effects of free radical damage in the body.
Image of Chloregenic Acid From Green Coffee Beans
Chlorogenic Acid derived from Green Coffee Beans Örtte Skinny Coffee contains a high nutrient content of chlorogenic acid which is known to increase your metabolism and also help the body’s immune system making it more resistant to viruses and infections.
Image of Ginseng
Ginseng Ginseng has been used for thousands of years and is famous for its ability to stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is also when know for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
Image of L-Carnitine
L-Carnitine - L-Carnitine is a useful amino acid that helps the body covert the fatty acids into energy which means it is a great aid for weight loss.
Image of Chlorella
Chlorella Helps to block the accumulation of fat and can also help to promote healthy hormonal function. The rich green colour comes from the high concentration of chlorophyll which is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.
Image of Matcha Powder
100% Matcha Powder Matcha powder has been used for thousands of years for its ability to help strengthen the body and increase fat burning naturally. This powder is packed full of antioxidants which can help to detoxify the body and burn calories more effectively.
Image of Spirulina
Spirulina Helps to increase metabolism and strengthen and is known to be one of the most nutritious superfoods in the world. It can also help to calm the mind and body as well as being rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins.
Image of Arabian Coffee Beans
Arabian Coffee - Coffee has for a long time been associated with weight loss due to its high content of caffeine. Caffeine helps to increase the metabolism and also to free fatty acids in the blood which can lead to increased fat burning.

Reccomendations & FAQs

How should I make my Skinny Coffee?

We recommend adding about a teaspoon (3-4g) of Örtte Skinny Coffee to a mug (or takeaway cup for those on the go) and adding hot water. Örtte Skinny Coffee is an instant coffee which is great for you as it means it is simple, fast and there's no need to waste time filtering - you just have to wait for the kettle to boil! Another benefit we love is that it also means less washing up which is better for both you and the environment!

How much should I use?

We recommend using a teaspoon or 3-4g for each cup of Skinny Coffee. Each pack of Örtte Skinny Coffee contains 90g so with one cup a day at 3-4g it should last you the full 28 day program.

Young Man With Coffee Cup

How should I take my Skinny Coffee?

When it comes to drinking your Skinny Coffee it is best to drink it black and without sugar - but if you prefer then you can use a healthy milk alternative and stevia or a natural substitute to sweeten. Make sure you don't add too much to your skinny coffee though as then it won't be a healthy alternative anymore!

When should I drink my Örtte Skinny Coffee?

For best results, simply drink 1 cup of Örtte Skinny Coffee in the morning, as you would your regular coffee. It is best to drink your Skinny Coffee either as you wake up or with breakfast to provide you with energy to start the day and to get your metabolism going. We also recommend to avoid drinking Örtte Skinny Coffee late in the day or before bed, as the high caffeine content can make it harder to sleep. Treat this Skinny Coffee as a 28-day slimming regime. Try to drink it at the same time each day and try not to miss days.

Black Coffee

How long should I take Örtte Skinny Coffee?

The Örtte Skinny Coffee program is designed for a cup everyday for 28 days. However, there is nothing stopping you continuing to use your Skinny Coffee after the 28 days. Some like to use it as a 28 day program to start their weight loss or to give them a boost but many also like using Örtte Skinny Coffee as a healthy substitute for their regular morning coffee so use it continuously. Therefore, we recommend using it daily for at least 28 days but feel free to use it more than that after.

When can I expect to see results?

As with any weight loss product, results will vary from person to person and are dependent on how your body works as well as how well you stick to the 28-day program. For some, they can begin to see results within the first week and others it can take longer. If you can't see results straight away don't give up - perseverance can be all you need!

Skinny Coffee is by no means a magical miracle product. When used correctly though it can act as a great accompaniment to your fitness and health routine and lifestyle. For those that need a little extra motivation to start achieving their weight loss goals it can be a great way to give yourself a kick-start. It can also help you on your 'off days' and keep you on track when you need it. For optimum results, accompany your Örtte Skinny Coffee 28 day program with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

Fit Young Man & Woman

What should I eat whilst on the 28 day Örtte Skinny Coffee program?

There are no set meals that you absolutely have to eat whilst taking part in the skinny coffee 28 day program. Some prefer to incorporate Örtte Skinny Coffee into their existing eating plans but for those that are unsure here are some helpful tips:

  • Try to keep a healthy and balanced diet - no excessive overeating of one food group
  • Keep hydrated - make sure you are drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables - get more than your 5 a day if you can!
  • Avoid takeaways, ready meals and processed foods - try cooking from scratch
  • Be careful how much salt you are consuming - too much salt can lead to water retention
  • Reduce your sugar intake - eat less sugary snacks and choose water over sugary fizzy drinks
  • Snack healthily - swap out crisps and biscuits for carrot sticks and houmous or a piece of fruit
  • Don't skip breakfast - skipping breakfast won't set you up for the day and will make you more prone to snacking
  • Limit your alcohol intake - if you are drinking alcohol avoid beer and fizzy mixers and try wine or light beer
  • Make sure you are eating the correct portion sizes - know when you are full and try eating slower

Safe & Natural Skinny Coffee

Örtte Skinny Coffee is a 100% organic and natural slimming coffee. Its use should not pose the risk of any side effects. We do always recommend checking the ingredients though to see if you have any personal allergies. This weight loss coffee does not contain any laxatives and should not interact with any other medicines or birth control. This slimming coffee is not suitable for those under 18 or pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Consume within six months of opening.

Örtte Skinny Coffee Page Banner

Customer Reviews
At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (83.87% based on 124 Reviews)

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Service Rating (77.69% based on 104 )

  • * good stuff
  • * easy, fast and simple
  • * Was kind of surprised at the taste, I knew it wouldnt be really strong coffee taste but at first I didn't like it. Ater drinknig it for a while though I actually got used it and now it's not so bad. I even tried mixing it with a bit of regular coffee (I was very tired that day) and it actually tasted so bitter it was horrible! Overall now I quite like it.
  • * Love skinny coffee so much and this one is really great!
  • * Very good
  • * weird taste but okay overall
  • * Would recommend this as coffee isn't always that great for you and this is so much healthier
  • * I've lost 4lbs so far and haven't even been using it that long! very happy and can't wait to continue to see how much I lose!!
  • * On my third pack of this now and can't see myself going back anytime soon!
  • * Took some time to get used to the taste but apart from that it's good
  • * So much better than others i've tried
  • * Easy to use as other weight loss things i've tried I've forgotten to take but as I usually have coffee everyday anyway its easy!
  • * would use again and recommend to friends
  • * I love skinny coffee so much! It's so easy and I actually quite enjoy the taste
  • * Best skinny coffee out there!
  • * So much better than skinny coffee club! used to use that before and did lose some weight but this is faster and have lost more!!!!!!! yayy!!! :)
  • * Amazing!
  • * Really good skinny coffee
  • * Only been taking for jost over a week so can't really say if it is working or not yet. Not so keen on the taste but it is really easy and just like my normal coffee I make so good that it doesn't disrupt my morning routine
  • * When you open it, its powdery and looking a bit like hot chocolate powder. It also kinda looks like hot chocolate when you add water and mix it up so not that strange in general looks wise. It doesn't really taste exactly like coffee, but you can't really expect it to taste like a coffee shop when it contains all those other ingredients. It still tastes pretty much like coffee though, especially if you add milk etc (although adding sugar and full fat milk etc kind of defeatas the object of skinny coffee). I do however feel a lot better after drinking it than my normal coffee - more awake and ready for the day. I have also found not a drastically big diference but have actually lost a bit of weight so far so overall pretty happy with it.
  • * Really easy to use, its comes lie a powder and you just add hot water - very simply and I like it a lot
  • * Great way to start new year and although i've finished it now i'd definitely use it again as it helped me to start getting in shape for my holiday in july
  • * Great coffee
  • * Great product, i enjoy using it and feel better too
  • * not too sure on the taste tbh but the results are so worth it. Have eaten some dodgy tasting 'healthy' vegan foods that have tasted a lot worse in my attempt to lose weight so this is not that bad. P.s healthy green smoothies are nasty as well as vegan cakes - they're not the same!
  • * Prefer this to skinny coffee club - plus its cheaper too so even better! It pays off to shop around!
  • * I really enjoyed this, gave me a better energy boost in the morning than normal coffee!
  • * Really good, works great
  • * good service and delivery and will be trying it out soon
  • * Can't believe I didn't find this sooner!
  • * Like this a lot, tastes nice and I feel generally better
  • * Ever since I discovered skinny coffee a few years ago i've never gone back! I've tried a few and found that some are better than others and some are really expensive!!! This one though is actually priced quite reasonably and I've found it tastes one of the closest to actual coffee which I love! Definitely going to buy some again for when I run out and this has quickly become a favourite!
  • * Glad I bought 3 packs and saved money as will definitely be using all of them and then more after! Nearly finished my first pack and so far very inpressed!
  • * wish I found this sooner!
  • * I like all the information they give on the page, made it very easy and didn't have any questions once looking through it. Only improvements I would say though is to have more of the information on the actual product and to make it a jar or something instead of a pouch as it got hard to get once you get to the bottom! Apart from that though the actual coffee is fantastic. Not the best tasting but better than others i've tried and better than similar teas too. 5 star overall!
  • * Have enjoyed this purchase
  • * I didn't lose weight but made my morning workouts easier to handle
  • * okay tasting, would buy again
  • * So happy I found this, going to buy more as its great
  • * Skinny coffee is such a great idea, can't believe I didn't start is sooner! I exercise occasionally but not the kind of person to hit the gym everyday and although I try to eat healthy I still go to mcdonalds and eat chocolate so not exactly the type of person to always be super fit and healthy. I love this though as I already drink coffee practically everyday anyway and although its more pricy than my regular cuppa its so worth it!!!! I haven't like dropped 3 dress sizes or anything like that but I have definitely seen some weight loss around my waist and on the scales and as i'm not a morning person either I've found this wakes me up in the morning better than my normal coffee. If I could give it more than 5 stars I totally would!
  • * enjoyed this a lot
  • * The taste is a bit strange, like coffee mixed with green tea. it's not necessarily bad, just not amazing. Once you get used to the taste though i think it is a really great idea. I have coffee everyday but I don't think it was doing much for me except waking me up in the morning so i feel like my morning coffee is now so much more than just caffeine! Very happy with this and will keep going. Have been using it for 2 months so far and love it!
  • * I've seen a lot of reviews that are complaining about the taste and yes it does taste a bit weird but what do you expect! It's not straight coffee from starbucks! It has others things in it too which is going to affect the taste but trust me, if you just eat something like chlorella or spirulina alone they taste a lot worse! So if realise it's not gonig to taste like dark roast coffee then its actually not that bad! I admit at first I wasn't loving itbut now i've nearly finished the month its really not that bad and Im actually kind of liking it now. Would definitely recommend trying this for longer than two days before judging and remember that is good for you so isn't going to taste like candyfloss!
  • * love skinny coffee soooo much!!!!!! :D
  • * great stuff!
  • * for me it is good. Buying more for the next month coming
  • * Good taste and feel healthier
  • * I don't really use this for weight loss but because I like the idea of it being a healthy coffee so I don't tend to follow it that strictly and have it at the same time and all that. i really like it as a general coffee though and would like if they also had different versions like healthy cappuccinos and healthy lattes!
  • * On my third pack now - I love it so much!
  • * pleased with buying this now
  • * Recommend others to buy this, not the best taste but so much healthier than regular coffee
  • * I've recently started to lose weight and become healthier so alongside working our I've adopted a vegan diet. I knew it would be hard with food but when I started looking for natural weight loss products it was so difficult! I didn't want to take pills or anything so when i found this I knew I had to try it! The idea of healthy coffee that is also vegan!?! Its amazing! I've nearly finished my first lot and definitly going to buy some more. I've lost 10lbs so far this month and although ovbiously i can't say thats all down to the coffee, I can definitely say it helped and just the idea of it being healthier than regular coffee is amazing! Everyone try it, especially if you are vegan/vegetarian!
  • * simple to make and I like how its one every day, gets into a nice routine and actually want to keep going even though my pack is nearly at the end
  • * My resolution this year is to lose some weight so starting off easy with this
  • * I love black Friday! Was looking around and this was actually a really good price, tastes okay so far so excited to see the results in a few weeks!
  • * Taste was better than expected, not bitter at all which is great. Nice texture as well, just like other coffee. Impressed so far but will see after I've finished the effects it has
  • * lovin usin this!
  • * The idea of healthy coffee is awesome! I drink so much coffee usually and have been trying to cut back so along with drinking a few less a day I've swapped my morning coffee for this so feel it's definitely helping me towards getting my habit to be healthier!
  • * I love to shop around whenever I'm buying things online and although I found a few other skinny coffees this one was at such a great price and discount that I ended up buying 4!
  • * Was a bit hesitant at first as I usually have skinny coffee club but this was cheaper and looked better so thought i'd give it a go - so glad I did as i save money and it actually tastes better! Very happy!
  • * They said it was out of stock so had to wait a bit longer but worth it as have only been using it for about 2 weeks now and already noticing a difference!
  • * Works really well for me - very happy with this purchase
  • * Easy to use and lost some lbs!
  • * prefer this to the tea
  • * Great price but not so keen on the taste, have to add sweetner to mine but apart from that its good
  • * Excited to try this and see what happens!
  • * I decided to buy 4 packs as I always love a good offer and I know i like weight world stuff - turns out this is really great too!!!
  • * i like skinny coffees as this one is also good
  • * This stuff is amazing!
  • * If you've never tried a slimming coffee before I highly recommend it
  • * good
  • * It's good
  • * My favourite person to follow on Instagram recommeded this and glad I found out about it as I think healthy coffee is a great idea and now i've been using it for nearly the full 28 days and have lost some pounds! Great stuff ad would recommend
  • * Really loving this! Have been using it for about a week and a half and have started to lose weight!!!!!!!!!!
  • * Switched this to my new morning coffee and never looked back. I love all the information they give on how to make it and what to do because at first I was a bit unsure but turns out it's actually super easy and effective. Love it so much!!
  • * This now one of my favourite weight loss products! I've tried other similar things like slimming teas, fat burners, pills, patches but for me this is by far the easiest and the best! Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try something new!
  • * Skinny coffee is great, its so much healthier than regular coffee so less guilt and can drink it and know its actually helping me to do more than just stay awake! Love it! Would really recommend it to anyone
  • * LOVE
  • * Really like that it is vegan as I am always on the look out for healthier alternatives to everyday things and the best are always vegan and natural
  • * I've tried skinny coffee club but you have to use a filter and then leave it for a while and the whole thing just takes ages. This is so much better as you just put in hot water and stir and it's done - such a timesaver in the morning!
  • * i like this a lot, worked great for me
  • * Better than skinny coffee club I think
  • * so easy to make and not too bad a taste either
  • * I love skinny coffee!!
  • * Would recommend buying this, made me more toned and getting the abs out!
  • * I like how it is instant, very quick in the morning which is very useful. Also is pretty much just like my normal morning coffee for me so not that difficult to do every day. Little bit pricey for coffee but if it can help me lose weight then it's worth it
  • * Worth sticking to, at first it taste a bit weird but it's so easy to make - just like a ususal instant coffee and once you get used to the taste it's not that bad. I've been drinking this for a while and have found i feel awake in the morning (but that happens with any coffee to be fair) but feel less snacky and only sometimes have my morning snack before lunch. I haven't noticed a lot physically but on the scales i've lost a few pounds so will keep going and buy a second pack as I want to see just how much I can lose
  • * awesome!
  • * Still early day but so far really good, looks and taste just like really coffee so very excited
  • * So excited to get my skinny coffee!!!!!!!
  • * I love this coffee, it tastes nice and I feel great and think i'm starting to lose weight!
  • * This stuff is crazy! Literally just a cup of coffee and I feel so much more awake in the morning (i'm NOT a morning person!) and am looking more toned! Going to buy so much more and give it to all my friends!
  • * Same as making a normal cup of coffee so like how simple it is. I usually put milk and a bit of sugar in my normal coffee though but go black with no sugar for this as I think it defeats the object of it being skinny and healthy! :P
  • * I love weight loss coffee and this one is my favourite now
  • * I love the skinny coffee club but this was cheaper and looked even better so excited to find out! I also really love a good deal! ;)
  • * Really like that it is instant, I don't have time to waste filtering! thumbs up for that weightworld!
  • * Prefer this to weight loss teas, feel coffee is better for the mornings and is better at helping me lose weight too
  • * Have been using this for a while now but have lost over 11lbs!! So happy with the results
  • * Never heard of skinny coffee before I came across this but it's my new fave! :)
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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