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Top 5 Workout Recovery Tips

Working out, as we are sure you are aware, is one the best ways to keep in shape, fulfil your fitness goals, aid weight management, and overall just leave you feeling better and happier. However, working out isn't all sunshine and rainbows like the YouTubers make it seem. Working out can often leave you feeling stiff and in pain. Luckily there are certain things that you can do that can help you manage the aftermath of an intense session, and help you make a swift recovery. Here are some ways that you can recover from a workout.
woman dressed in running clothes stretching to show it aids recovery
Number 1. Stretch - Your gym teacher in school probably made you stretch after every lesson and admittedly, you probably didn't see the point of it. Actually, there is a huge benefit to be found in regular stretching, as stretching your muscles helps relieve the tension in them. This not only reduces the risk of post-workout injuries like tears and sprains but stretching also relaxes the muscle and can even accelerate the rate at which it builds.
image of a lightbulb to represent energy that you need to replace after exercise
Number 2. Replace The Energy - The main thing that you lose whilst sweating profusely in the gym or out in the wide world other than your dignity, is your energy. The period after exercise should be used as a time to replace the carbs that you have lost. This gives your body fuel to carry out its functions and puts you in good stead to do another workout soon...although hopefully not soon.
images of foods that are high in protein to aid recovery
Number 3. Get Some Protein - This is where you need to do the bidding of your inner bodybuilder. During exercise causes muscle fibres to tear, and the recovery process involves them being rebuilt again. The material your body uses to carry out this constructive job, however, is protein. That means that protein is an essential macronutrient to get into your diet to help recover. Be that in a supplement form, as meat and dairy, or as legumes and pulses for all you vegans out there.
image of woman at the gym to show that working out again to aid recovery
Number 4. Workout Again! - No, we are by no means advocating for a scenario in which you slide yourself underneath a bench press on the same morning you can barely even muster the motor skills necessary to button a shirt. We are merely making the point that working out is like any external stimuli that you expose your body to, it eventually will get more used to it. After working out frequently for a long time, you will find that your muscles don’t ache quite as much.
image of a woman sleeping on a bed to show rest to aid recovery
Number 5. Get Some Rest - Most importantly of all, get some rest after you exercise. The great poet Thomas Decker once wrote that sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Whilst asleep, your body carries out the functions that most contribute to the recovery and help you shed the pain of a hard visit to the gym.

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