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AbGym Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner

By maxmedix™


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Want a sexy looking stomach but don’t have hours to spend working out in the gym? With the Ab Gym Belt, you could tone your tummy muscles in the comfort of your own home. Put your feet up and relax as the Ab Gym Belt gets to work toning and firming those problem areas though electrical stimulation. Many believe this handy belt can give you the same results as a gym session but without the hard work and sweat. It really couldn’t be easier.

  • Helps to improve firmness, tone and condition of muscles
  • Known to lift and firm slack muscles
  • May help in the recovery of sports muscle injuries
  • May help new mothers to tone their tummies
  • Easy to use
  • Great for both men and women

Did you know that 40% of women say their stomach is the body part they would most like to change and the biggest body issue for men is their 'beer bellies'? A toned stomach can make the world of difference, really helping to boost confidence. The Ab Gym Belt uses a muscle toning treatment called faradism, known to stimulate and tone your stomach muscles, while you simply sit back and relax, watch the telly or read a book. The belt may even be able to help in the recovery of sports muscle injuries and give new mums a bit of a boost, helping them to get their bodies back on track.

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How does it work?

The Ab Gym Belt uses an electrical current to cause your stomach muscles to contract, making them tighter and firmer. This muscle toning process has been very popular in beauty salons and sports injury clinics – take advantage of this technology in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The Ab Gym Belt has 10 intensity settings so you can go from gentle and relaxing, to powerful stimulation, depending on your goals. There is also an auto switch-off so you can’t physically overwork yourself. Safety first!

What is Faradism?

Faradism is the common name given to this type of muscle toning treatment because of the type of current used, which causes the muscles to contract. The sensation caused by the current then relaxes the muscle and stops muscle fatigue. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles can increase blood circulation – this can nourish the cells and aid the removal of waste from the tissues. It sounds complicated but the results are simple – more toned looking abs that you’ll want to show off.

How will the Ab Gym Belt help tone my stomach muscles?

The Ab Gym Belt sends a signal to your muscles to make them contract. It focuses on specific muscles to tone them so you end up with a leaner, firmer stomach area – just like you would from a gruelling gym session but without having to break a sweat.

What are the functions on the Ab Gym Belt?

The Beauty Works Ab Gym Belt is a wireless device that is powered by 2 x AA batteries, so that you can use it wherever you want. It has a LCD screen, 10 intensity settings and an auto switch-off.

Happy Sporty woman

Is it easy to use?

The Ab Gym Belt is very easy to use and can actually be used anywhere you want – on home, on holiday, even at work!

It has a comfortable ‘one size fits all’ neoprene belt with velcro fastening and is battery operated for portable use.

Place the belt on your upper abs, or any other body part that you wish to tone.

Push the ON/HI button several times to carefully increase the intensity (maximum of 10). You will notice a tingling sensation just before your muscles start to contract. Once the muscle is contracting it will be pleasant and relaxing – so sit back and chill. Adjust the intensity according to your comfort level. The intensity has 10 steps and with every push of the ON/HI button you can increase the intensity by one step, with every push of the button OFF/LO you decrease the intensity by one step.

Who can use the Ab Gym Belt?

Truly versatile, the Ab Gym Belt can be used by both men and women, for muscle injuries, toning, firming and for new mums to get back in shape (after postnatal checkup). As with any device please refer to the instruction manual and safety advice provided.

How do I order my Ab Gym Belt?

Ordering your Beauty Works Ab Gym Belt is really easy, just click on the ‘Add to Basket’ or ‘Go’ option to get started. If you order by 4pm on a working day you can get your delivery by tomorrow afternoon.

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  • * the AbGym Belt has really been useful for me, i use it daily and have been using it for over 2 months now, i have slowly been increasing the intensity and have finally managed to sit comfortably with the highest levels. my belly has become way more toned and doesnt feel like it wobbling anmore when im walking. very chuffed
  • * 5/5 for this, great product!
  • * this has been great for getting rid of the pregnancy fat
  • * my AbGym Belt is the best thing ive used in a long time, i have always had a little belly that really got to me, when i sit down it folds over my pants which i hate. Since using the abgym belt that has tightened and i feel so much more comfortable with myself. Thank You
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