How To Use Detox Tea & The Rules You Should Follow

Lacking in tone? Feeling bloated? Belly feeling stretched?? It's time to take charge! Weary of a diet too rich, your body sounds the alarm, it wants something good, something healthy like natural diuretic foods? Body detox is the answer. The detox diet, however, calls for certain basic rules so that you do not negatively affect your body.

What Is Detoxification?

The process of getting rid of toxins from the body is called detoxification. Impurities are removed from your systems for treatment and expulsion, this process is usually headed up by the liver. Detoxification, in simple terms, cleans the body inside out. A detoxified body is one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

Signs That Your Body Needs To Detox

A body overprescribed with toxins can feel weak and unhealthy. Here’s a list of some symptoms that indicate that you need a quick body detox:

  • Tiredness
  • Formation of a white coat on the tongue in the morning
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Lack of appetite
  • Smelly odour in stool, urine and sweat
  • Indigestion and gastric problems
  • Skin blemishes and inflammation
  • Feeling pain in the body
  • Menstrual problems
  • Under eye circles or puffy eyes

Although the symptoms are relatively broad these are the common symptoms with which you don't have to deal with. So, if you face such problems on an all too regular basis, it is high time that you follow a routine that helps detoxify your body.

8 Main Principles To Follow During A Body Detox

Even if you feel that you are a healthy person, many specialists recommend that you undergo a body detox from time to time to make sure your body stays on track. Today, it's almost impossible to consume only organic foods or stay away from toxins, so you should detox often to give your system the energy and boost nutrients it needs to work as a pro. If you're not sure how to start or what you can do, you can check out our list of 8 golden rules to follow during body detox, most of which you can do at home.

1. Start at the right time

Based on the principle of restriction, the body detox requires great desire and willpower. It is therefore important to start at a favourable time, which requires little physical or intellectual effort. This depurative habit will likely shake up the routines in the body, so better be prepared for it. Why not during holidays or an extended weekend, especially if you are going for a strict detox?

2. Drink lots of water

Vary your liquid intake and add variety – flat, sparkling water and also herbal detox teas, soups, broth, green coffee, and fresh fruit juices are some potential choices. Avoid coffee, alcohol and even hot chocolate. When you wake up, start the day with a large glass of water. You can also drink a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lime and some honey. This can help you drain toxins and get rid of them with ease.

3. Ban refined foods

Eliminate butter and cheese, white bread and processed foods, prefer whole foods but in moderation. Include rye flour, millet, bran or whole wheat bread and cereal. This applies to refined sugars too. Replace the sugar with honey.

4. Deep breathe

Good oxygenation helps blood circulation and cleans your glands and organs. Breathing deeply acts on the diaphragm and reduces bloating.

5. Load up on nutrients

Foods with diuretic properties such as avocado, endive, cabbage, garlic or lemon, kiwi and apple are ideal during body detox treatments. Load up on nutrients like omega-3 and vitamins. along with adequate proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Along with a good and balanced diet, engaging in physical activity is also necessary to detox the body. Even if you feel tired, try to exercise as much as you can. Moderate physical activity, like walking, is recommended during any type of body detox. It promotes the elimination of toxins, the oxygenation of muscles and the brain while helping to regulate stress and sleep. Sound sleep for 6-7 hours a day is also required to manage oxidative stress and reduce the same.

7. Rest

You cannot expect your body to function properly if you lose sleep[ after a long night socialising or working until the wee hours of the morning. Your body needs rest and relaxation to do its magic during the day, so take all the necessary precautions to get the sleep you need. Having problems with insomnia? Try to drink a hot cup of green tea before going to bed and try to meditate as long as you can to drift off to sleep.

8. Do not abuse your body detox treatment

A good detox treatment is one you can follow for life. Whilst you may need a seasonal cleanse detox or a whole body detox treatment after the holiday season or binge drinking for days, do not make it a regular practice. Detox treatments must be used only 3-4 times a year. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes natural detox drinks and foods along with physical activity is the safest and best way to detox.

How Green Tea Helps In Body Detox?

It may seem that tea is primarily an experience of taste, but in fact, tea is as much about smell and texture as taste. In addition, there is the physiological aspect of how tea brings its stimulating and relaxing qualities. There are many tea-based detox blends. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants. It reduces the negative effects caused by free radicals such as pollution or tobacco. It also has a draining action and helps to better eliminate toxins. But for a real body detox effect, it's better to choose a blend that combines green tea with detoxifying plants.

Green tea contains theine, an active ingredient in the caffeine family that promotes lipolysis or fat burning. Its diuretic properties promote the elimination of waste and toxins by the kidneys.

inforgraphic showing the ten benefits of drinking green tea

How To Detox Your Body With Tea?

Detoxing your body with tea consists of two components, refresh teas in the morning and colon-cleansing tea in the evening.

Get Refreshed

You should focus on replacing the lost vitamins and electrolytes with the evening colon cleanse tea and feel refreshed as you wake up. This will help you to gain the full potential of a tea detox. Your refresh tea should contain a blend of ingredients that have naturally high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and other energy-boosting goodies. Japanese Matcha Green Tea can be a good option for a morning refresh tea with 137% more antioxidants than normal green tea. There are some other natural ingredients which you can focus on adding to your teacup, such as:

image showing benefits of superfoods on colon cleanse
image of a ginseng ginger root plant to show benefits
image showing benefits of superfoods on colon cleanse
image of a wooden spoon with bio spirulina powder in it

If you wish to enhance the flavour of these teas at any point in time, you can try adding a natural sweetener or a lovely accompaniment like honey, mulberries, ginger powder, or lemon juice.

Cleanse the Colon

A full-body tea detox concludes with getting rid of the daily build-up of toxins, metals, and gunk. Just like the refresh tea, colon-cleanse teas also have key ingredients to support the process such as Senna leaf, which will provide a laxative effect. The FDA has also approved using Senna as a natural laxative now. So keep it in your kitchen cabinets to help eliminate those unwanted toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. A blend of natural ingredients is essential for increasing the effectiveness of these teas, for which you can consider adding some acai berry extract and Senna leaf along with these ingredients:

image of a half cut orange surrounded by oranges for colon cleanse
image showing benefits of superfoods on colon cleanse
image showing benefits of superfoods on colon cleanse
image of a bunch of lemon grass roots to show colon cleanse
image showing benefits of superfoods on colon cleanse

These ingredients help to uplift the flavour of your tea naturally while enhancing the effects and benefits of the colon cleanse. These bear various other health benefits with adequate amounts of fibre nutrients and vitamins. This is one of a few simple ways to detox your body at home.

A Standard Tea Detox Routine

image of cup and teapot of green tea for morning detox

When you are on a tea detox, you should first read about the benefits and powers of the tea you use and then learn how you can use them in your daily routine. Once you do, you’ll find that it is actually undemanding and a simple way to go about it!


You may have heard this tip before; having boiled water with lemon squeezed into it as soon as you wake up could help enhance the morning detox. This helps in waking up your organs and kick-starting your metabolism. Once you are done with it, 20 minutes later make yourself a morning refresh tea to give you the required quota of daily anti-oxidants, vitamins, and energy boost for the rest of the day.


Make a habit of drinking multiple cups of green tea instead of regular tea. You can also choose to have a blend such as green tea with jasmine (3-6 cups as an example). White tea can also be beneficial for you in this case. There are even supplements with Green Tea extract which you can use during this time of the day when you might be busy with work.


As the day ends, prepare a colon-cleansing tea of your choice. There are even blends available on the market which you can buy which contain the beneficial ingredients for colon cleanse mentioned above.

Getting into a routine for 7, 14, or 28 days regularly and see the benefits they could offer you. Some can even experience weight loss just by including this routine with a little change in their food plans and daily exercises. It is therefore said that Detox teas are full of health and weight loss surprises!

In Conclusion...

You will certainly not have washboard abs overnight, like those women that you see on Instagram sipping green tea! But detox teas do have virtues that will allow you to purify your body and help promote weight loss in the long run. The real body detox effect lies more in eliminating toxins and purifying the body than significantly reducing its waistline. Be careful not to consume too much (not more than a litre per day)!

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