5 Tips To Get Back To Routine

With summer almost at an end, it is time to wind down the relaxation and prepare to start putting in the hard work in at the gym, on the pitch, or wherever it is you workout, and to start regulating our diets again. However, unsurprisingly, getting the mind, body and spirit in balance after prolonged time with virtually no structure, can be quite problematic and hard to manage. That is why we have taken the time to come up with 5 handy tips that you can take on board to supplement your health routine when you muster the courage to reconvene your health routine!

Number 1. Set Goals

image of bullseye to indicate specific goal and what you want to achieve

You might remember in school or at work, your teachers and bosses telling you to set yourself targets for what you wanted to achieve, and they had good reason to do so. Personal goal setting is a great way to help you get back onto the horse. An achievable personal goal is like a challenge willing you to accept it. Be that increasing how much you can lift, losing a certain amount of weight, or learning new skills in the kitchen.

Number 2. Start Off Small

image of plant growing to indicate personal growth

The sad reality of getting back to routine is that you aren’t going to be quite as tip top a performer as when you stopped. Going from cocktails and immersing yourself in a good book, to kale smoothies and 7k fartlek runs doesn’t just happen overnight, it is a gradual climb that helps settle you back in. Start off slow as you enjoy a healthful breakfast and build back up and your body won’t scream at you….well at least not as loudly anyway.

Number 3. Plan Your Time

image of man working with clock face to indicate time allocation

It’s all very well and good to have the will to carry out a routine, but what makes a routine a routine, is the element of time. You need to allocate appropriate time to exercise and eating the right foods. Once you have the time set out, filling it appropriately ends up being a very streamlined affair giving your focus a boost.

Number 4. Buddy Up

image of two people climing a rock face together to show togetherness

An integral part of having a healthy routine is possessing that all important element of self-motivation and determination to get you back into it. However, the motivation of others can be a huge help too. When you embark on a health journey as part of a pair, you and your partner mutually benefit from each others drive, and you can alternately pick each other up and press each other on in the event of one of you feeling demotivated.

Number 5. Make It Fun

image of two girls having fun whilst rowing a boat

Last but by no means least, you can always find that taking pleasure in something, makes it all the more easy to pursue on a regular basis. When getting back into exercise routines, maybe try new exercises or a whole new sport entirely. Equally, when managing what you eat, switch up the cuisines and try out indulging new and exotic foods. The limits really are set by you!

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