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reviews 4.5

86.25% based on 79 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Quite surprised at this actually as I think it has a really good taste. I like regular tea but have never been much of a fan of fruity herbal teas but this is pleasantly surprising.

S Sally
Verified Purchase

Like how it has a morning and evening tea and how they're both different. Make sure you don't accidentally mix them up like I did once and I felt very sleepy that morning! haha

C Chantelle
Verified Purchase

really easy to drink and prefer this as I can't swallow pills

A Amy
Verified Purchase

I like how it has the different teas for different times of the day. I like the taste of the evening one but prefer the morning one personally. I'm not sure if I see much o a noticable difference in terms of seeing much difference but I have not put on any weight recently so thats a benefit. Overall I would use this again.

C Caroline
Verified Purchase

excellent tea!

E Euan
Verified Purchase

just the same as making any other tea so very quick and simple

M Markus
Verified Purchase

very good

S Saya
Verified Purchase

Really like how it has a morning and evening tea and that they're different. For the taste I prefer the evening teas but I like the energy the morning tea gives me. So ar I've nearly finished the 28 days and can see some weight loss around my stomach and waist. I don't weight myself so don't know how much exactly i've lost but definitely some! Very happy with this and will be buying again soon!!

M Michelle
Verified Purchase


A Arna
Verified Purchase

would buy again

P Peter

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