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Tips to get Slim and Shapely Legs

For many women, the legs can be a tricky part of the body to slim down. This is because slimming legs requires dieting efforts combined with physical activities that helps in promoting fat burning as well as eliminating cellulite while strengthening the muscles. Exercises for your legs build muscle, but they don't directly cause you to lose fat in the thighs, around the knees or in the calves. Numerous studies have proven that fat is lost throughout the body as you exercise and reduce calories. Therefore, you must identify a workout to slim legs and learn the best exercise for slim legs.

How do I slim my legs?

Slim Legs

You must go further than just doing a few simple legs exercise in order to get great lean and slim legs and instead adopt a routine to achieve a combination of fat loss and improved muscularity and flexibility of your legs. But there has to be some easy and smart way out and yes there are! We have compiled several effective tips that will help lose fat in the calves and thighs to get your legs back in shape. But before applying these tips, you need to find the reasons as to why your legs seem fat.

Why do my legs look bigger than they should be?

While identifying the reason for wider looking legs, you may find that they are actually muscular and not fat. This gives an obvious solution to refine them by reducing the intensity of your exercises or designing a workout that will elongate your muscles rather than giving them bulky look. On the other hand, the reason could be actually buildup of fat. There could be one of two reasons for this. First is the body movement problems that promote fat accumulation, swelling and water retention. Second could be relating to hormones that are responsible for fat storage and the appearance of cellulite.

Concerning your thighs (especially your inner thighs) to become leaner, thinner and tighter and cellulite free, your overall body fat must be reduced through a combination of proper nutrition, exercise and consistency. When adopting a diet for slim legs you must include healthy meals and snacks in your diet to control blood sugar levels (5 small meals a day) and a slight calorie deficit. How much you are able to slim down your legs will depend on your body type, i.e. whether you are an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph.

You can start by eating a balanced diet to prevent further buildup of fats and enhancing physical activity that will help burn the stored fats and lengthen your muscles. In addition to this, you can follow the tricks to lose weight systematically from your legs. It is the calf demands more attention when you plan to make your legs slimmer. The calf muscles are located on the backs of the lower legs which are often responsible in making your leg look large and bulky. To slim down your calf muscles and reduce any body fat, you need to alter your exercise program and use simple tips to reduce the size of your calf muscles.

How to lose weight from the Calves?

Sore leg

Losing big Calves is a wish of both skinny and healthy women so they can wear skirts or summer capris without looking fat from the lower legs. Here are tips that will help you get slender calves.

  1. Stretch to lengthen your legs
  2. A great stretching exercise for the calf muscles on daily basis not only makes your muscles more elastic but also makes the calves less compact and fat. Stretching regularly also helps to relieve stress which can be a factor leading to the accumulation of cellulite especially on the calves. You can choose wall push-ups for your calves. Stand with your front foot approximately one foot from a wall and your back foot about three feet from a wall. Your back leg should be straight, the front leg bent and your hands resting against the wall, while you lean forward. Your feet should be pointing straight ahead and your heels on the ground. Hold this position for around 15 – 30 seconds and then switch the legs and repeat.

  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. The main reason why your calves may be swelling up is due to water retention. And when you drink less water and fail in hydrating your body can make the limbs swell due to water retention. So drink lots of water regularly or use herbal teas as they help to moisturize your skin and body to maintain thinner and pleasing calves.

  5. Avoid wearing high heels
  6. For some time women having big calves due to bulky muscles are advised not to wear heels to avoid permanent contraction of calves that may lend to increase their size rapidly. Even the way we walk matters a lot. Walking on tiptoe rather than on a foot flat can bear same results on your calf as that of wearing high heels. So for not too muscular legs, walk with a flat.

  7. Slimming and weight loss patches
Slimming and weight loss patch

You can use Natural Slimming Patches to contribute in your efforts to lose fat from the calves. These patches are heading to become a popular way to shed few pounds which changing your diet or daily routine. They are self-adhesive patches that stick on your skin and release the goodness of their natural ingredients which are designed to remove deep fat tissues. You can target specific areas like calves and use them over a period of time.

There are a few options to choose from while selecting a slimming patch for you. The best slimming patches are made from natural ingredients. Out of all, Mymi Patches for weight loss have proved to be effective for many people. You can also look for a slimming patch that use other herbs like yerba mate, Guarana Fruit Extract and Garcinia Cambogiah with no dangerous chemicals or genetically modified ingredients. This can ensure you that the patch is completely safe to use.

Once you start incorporating these tips towards getting slimmer and sleeker calves, you can consequently see your legs look more attractive than before in some time.

Sleep Wearing Slimming Socks

These are a very popular technique in Japan. Simply spend the night wearing these socks, and it can make a difference in the circumference of your calves for the next few days. It may sound crazy but many people suggest this actually works as one way to slim legs fast.

How to get slim legs quickly?

To get amazing legs you need to target areas of your thighs with exercise, as well as increase the shapeliness of your calves. Perform all exercises in a slow and controlled manner. At the most challenging part of the exercise, hold your position briefly and gently return back to your starting position. As you get stronger, do the exercises slower to increase the intensity of the workout. Remember, it is better to go slow and do fewer repetitions than to go fast and do more. To make some of the exercises more challenging you can use dumbbells/ kettlebells, or if you don’t have any to hand, grab a couple of cans of beans to use as light dumbbells or fill a couple of old plastic milk/ juice containers with water to use as kettlebells.

Be Realistic with your Progress

Your goal for slim legs may be just weeks away as you plan for a vacation cruise or pool escapade. Recognize, though, that if your legs have always been heavy, they'll likely be one of the last places to slim down. The place where you gain weight first is usually the place where you lose it last. The thighs, hips and buttocks can be stubborn places of fat storage, especially in women.

Efforts to lose weight too quickly may backfire. Starvation plans or fad diets often leave you feeling so hungry that you get frustrated and want to give up. Even if you can maintain a strict plan, you may be nutritionally deficient and stall your metabolism, which brings weight loss to a halt. Too drastic of a calorie deficit can also lead to muscle loss, which takes away from defined, sculpted-looking legs.