WeightWorld Vegan Collagen Complex Powder

300 g Powder | Plant-Based Anti-Ageing Formula


Boosting collagen levels can be tricky when you’re a vegan or vegetarian, which is why we created our exclusive Vegan Collagen Complex Powder! Our blend of 21 premium grade ingredients which contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, bones, gums, teeth. Vegan Collagen Complex Powder makes for the perfect plant-based choice to take care of your skin and body today!

  • Supports the production of collagen
  • For healthy, youthful-looking skin
  • Advanced vegan amino acid blend
  • New and improved formula
  • 100% plant-based
  • Contains 60 full servings
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

What is WeightWorld Vegan Collagen Complex Powder?

This Vegan Collagen Complex Powder is a plant-based solution for vegans and vegetarians looking to boost their collagen production. This easy to use powder is made using the best natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, MSM and a whole range of vital amino acids. It is also unflavoured so you can easily add it to your daily routine without any hassle and contains a massive 60 servings to offer excellent value for money.

How does it work?

This special Vegan Collagen Complex Powder is made with premium quality plant-based ingredients mixed together to deliver natural collagen-boosting action. From Vitamin C, known to support collagen production, to Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid, working to support skin's moisture, every single ingredient in this formula has been hand-chosen to play a role in your anti-ageing routine. It is also enriched with a secret weapon - an advanced vegan amino acid blend that is essential for supporting collagen production.

Who is it for?

WeightWorld’s Vegan Collagen Complex Powder has been created as a way for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet and who live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle to access these products and enjoy the benefits of collagen production in the body. It is also ideal if you want a more versatile way to boost collagen levels as the powder form is easy to use and add to smoothies, drinks and more. What’s more, this supplement is also an excellent choice for those looking for maximum absorbency and want to make the most of what they’re putting in their body.

Directions for use

If you want to be even more adventurous, you can add the powder to your favourite recipes including hot and cold drinks, cakes and protein bites - it’s completely up to you and your imagination!

This premium supplement uses only natural and plant-based ingredients so is safe to use with no known side effects. Please read the full ingredients list before use to check for any personal allergens.

Advice: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

Full list of ingredients

Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) Powder, Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) Powder Extract, Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Extract, Kefir Probiotics (Coconut Derived), Lemon (Citrus Limon) Extract, Rose (Rosa) Petal Extract, Barley Grass Extract, Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Powder, Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Peel Extract, Acerola Cherry (Malpighia Emarginata) Extract, Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) Extract, Guava (Psidium Guajava) Extract, Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) Powder, Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum) Extract, Sesbania (Sesbania Grandiflora) Extract , Spirulina Extract, Strawberry (Fragaria Ananassa) Powder, Bamboo (Bambusoideae) Shoot Extract , Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) Extract, Pink Salt, Acai (Euterpe Oleracea) Berry Extract

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WeightWorld Vegan Collagen Complex Powder
WeightWorld Vegan Collagen Complex Powder

300 g Powder | Plant-Based Anti-Ageing Formula


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Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers. All testimonials and reviews below are the experiences and opinions of WeightWorld customers. They should not be considered as health, medical or medicinal claims. They are no substitute for taking medical advice.

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88.89% based on 8 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

i’ve been using the product for just over three weeks and already I can feel a different a in my joints...less pain and stiffness throughout the day. I’ve also found that my hair has grown thicker and nails are growing liver than usual.

J Janice
Verified Purchase

This collagen powder is much better so far from the ones I have tried previously. I did try capsules but still find them difficult to swallow and sometimes feeling sick a bit after taking them, even thought it goes away after some time. So decided to try just powder collagen instead this time. Definitely easier to take it, also not had sickness feeling so far. I take it with my every day fruit and veg shake, so when you take it no taste apart from fruit and veggies. Overall it’s good value for big tub like this. Easy to open lid and close it, so you know it’s stays well protected. Collagen is very important for people to take as it good source for your skin to stay plump and youthful. Also very good overall for your body and energy release. Good value for the price. So far it’s best from the ones I tried, cause I do like yo try different ones before I find the one I really like. By trying one supplement you don’t know which one better benefits your body.

H Hiba
Verified Purchase

I was looking for vegan collagen powders and I came across this supplement by WeightWorld. I looked into the ingredients and kale, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid combination caught my attention. And essential amino acids also. Other factor which was important for me was the place of manufacturing. It is made in England. Product itself has a herbaceous odour and minty flavour. If you increase the recommended amount then the flavour becomes unpleasant. So stick with the teaspoon dose. I will update my review after using it for 3 months to comment on the effects. It is a good vegan alternative.

S Shiny
Verified Purchase

Good value for money and vegan friendly

E Emma
Verified Purchase

Been loving this!! Definitely recommend!

A Anna
Verified Purchase

Really good product ! I use for a few weeks and see the results . My skin is improved - more nourished, moisturised, tightened and smoothed. Good taste, I love it

A Amelia
Verified Purchase

vegan collagen powder is amazing and well worth the money I can feel the difference

C Carly
Verified Purchase

Why is the vegan collagen powder no longer available. Is it not new? What\'s wrong with it?

A Anj

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