Weight Loss Pill Ingredients

Prescription weight loss drugs are often sought after by people looking to lose weight in line with diet and exercises to lose weight fast at home without equipment. However, they can often increase the risk of adverse side-effects that can make your weight loss plan challenging. That is why we are exploring a list of natural ingredients that provide a pure alternative to weight management supplementation that does not carry the unwanted side effects that chemical-based diet pills do.

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Natural Weight Loss Ingredients

When trying to control your body weight, it is often common to seek out the addition of synthetic diet pills to help push your progress along. Although often effective, these unnatural chemical-filled weight loss pills and products can often do more damage than good, and can be avoided altogether. Especially when you consider that there are water pills to lose weight and a wide range of natural herbal active agents to help complement your weight loss routine. We have prepared a fact file on some natural ingredients in weight loss pills that are easy to get your hands on, and can go a long way to provide long term health benefits and support you in pursuit of your goals.

Garcinia Cambogia

garcinia cambogia which stimulates the hormones in your brain that are associated with hunger

It does not get more natural than Garcinia Cambogia. This exotic citrus fruit is known for it’s bitter bitter taste (which thankfully you won’t find in Garcinia Cambogia Diet Pills) and its high concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid. Don’t be fooled, this acid is actually really good in the interest of losing weight as it is known to stimulate the hormones in your brain that are associated with hunger and increased appetite. Hormone directly affects our desire to eat and by suppressing it, you can effectively stop your body from craving. No, this does not mean that you can’t eat at all, but the health benefits of garcinia cambogia makes it much easier to maintain a healthy diet when you are trying to cut carbs, reduce unhealthy snacks, or just all round eat less for the purpose of weight management.


Fibre which is also a natural appetite suppressant much like Garcinia Cambogia

You’ll often hear the stories about how it is really in your best interest to get a hearty supply of fibre in the mornings to support healthy digestion and those stories are correct! Your bowel movements are an essential part of how well your body can lose weight or struggle to lose weight for that matter. What your body doesn't use as energy or what fails keep your digestion moving regularly is directly converted to fat, which can be problematic when trying to look your best. Fibre can prevent this though as it works to help ensure all of your food is effectively broken down, which helps you absorb the best parts of your food, and reduce the amount turned into fat.

Not only this, but fibre is also a natural appetite suppressant much like Garcinia Cambogia, helping you feel fuller for longer so that you don’t feel the need to eat at irregular times. However, getting fibre into your diet doesn't mean eating bran by the fistful, there are handy diet pills and slimming pills that work to deliver all the fibre that you need. Glucomannan & Inulin weight loss pills and glucomannan powder are famous for their high fibre content and doing just that.


Caffeine which works to naturally speed up your metabolism

Although known for being the go-to ingredient that the world’s 9 to 5ers use to perk up before a day at the office, Caffeine is actually a surprisingly effective weight loss pill ingredient. Caffeine works to naturally faster your metabolism, the rate of reactions in your body that dictates how quickly you can burn fat. Green Tea Extract and green coffee beans are such famous sources of Caffeine which can work to help accelerate your metabolic rate so that you find it easier to keep the fat off. Not only this, but the energy boost that Caffeine provides the body can help you feel alert and energised for carrying out the hallmarks of a successful weight loss routine which includes fat burning workouts and cardio.

Green Coffee

green coffee beans have Chlorogenic Acid which works to pacify the sugar in your body

Not to be confused with Caffeine, although Green Coffee does contain it, this natural diet pill ingredient can be a true weapon when it comes to seeking out a natural way in which to lose weight. Green Coffee is the term used to describe the Coffee beans before they undergo the roasting process that turns them into the black beans that you would use to make a normal Coffee. The roasting process eliminates a lot of the natural ingredients that are contained within the Green Coffee form that make it ideal for use in weight loss pills, most notably Chlorogenic Acid.

Another healthy acid, much the same as Hydroxycitric Acid in Garcinia Cambogia, Chlorogenic Acid is known to have an effect on your bodies’ sugar levels. Sugar is a key predictor of weight gain for two key reasons. Firstly, sugar that reaches a high level in your bloodstream is often converted to fat and secondly, a spike in your blood sugar levels can also send signals to your brain telling you to crave and eat more sugar, which can spell disaster for you weight loss progress. Chlorogenic Acid works to pacify the sugar in your body, alleviating the threat and keeping you from gaining any weight as a direct result.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA works as an essential ingredient to help your body produce hormones to burn fat

When it comes to losing weight and controlling blood pressure too, you would often think of fat as something to avoid. Conjugated Linoleic Acid however, is a healthy fatty acid that you can find in diet pills as an ideal way to help supplement your diet and put you in the best position to lose weight. CLA works as an essential ingredient to help your body produce hormones which work to carry out tasks in your body like the burning of fat. CLA is often taken in weight loss pills by bodybuilders and professional performance athletes as a way of being able to lose weight naturally, whilst also carrying out their exercise routine, as the hormones that are produced are also essential to build, tone and improve your muscular performance as well as for the more customary aim of ingredients in diet pills.

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