Why am I struggling to lose weight?

It’s frustrating when you put in all your efforts into trying the best ways of losing weight including exercising and following a soluble fibre diet, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t reflect positively on your body weight scale. This experience itself can be discouraging and can lead to a dieter falling back to unhealthy eating.

The first and major thing we have to understand as people seeking to lose weight is that losing weight is way beyond just eating fewer calories. It involves so many processes that, when put to work together, we can achieve amazing weight loss results. This goes to say, there are many reasons why you might be struggling to lose weight and these include:

Lack of sleep: Not getting enough sleep can hinder your goal to lose weight as it slows metabolism, making it impossible to burn calories as fast as it's needed.

Slow Metabolism: A slow metabolism is another big reason why you might not be losing weight the way you want. Everybody has a unique level by which their body can carry out metabolic functions, and in some cases, it can be really slow. As a result, this can reduce the level of body weight loss you want to achieve.

Hyperthyroidism: Both an underactive or overactive thyroid can be one of the reasons for being hungry all the time as people with this condition tend to be hungrier than usual. Weight gain can also be increased in this condition because of the build-up of salt and water in the body.

Gender: The gender of a person can also play a drastic role in weight loss or gain. For men, weight loss can be easy, unlike for women. There are many factors that make it difficult for a woman to easily lose weight, but again, note that this is only a potential factor so there may also be other reasons you can change!

infographic to show why somone may not be losing weight

All of the above reasons can be the reason why you are struggling to lose weight or it could just be the period when weight loss is stalled or slowed. This is completely normal. When this happens, it is called weight loss plateau.

What Is The Weight Loss Plateau?

What is the weight loss plateau?

The Weight loss plateau is a period during your weight loss routine that weight loss either becomes slow or completely stalled. This is the period when you notice that even with a strict routine, you are just not losing much weight. Do not panic, this is normal and it eventually happens to anyone who tries to lose weight. To tackle this issue of weight loss plateau and get back on track, it is important to understand what causes it in the first place.

Tips To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals


Increase physical activities with the best excercises at home and monitor calorie intake. Your weight loss may have stalled because your daily routine was not combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Work with different weight loss resources. Saying in the same routine is not only boring for the mind, but also the body and this can result in a standstill for your weight loss efforts.


Get more sleep. As a lack of sleep may stall your weight loss efforts or even make you gain weight, putting in the time when your asleep may get your body going again.


Kickstart your metabolism with an energy boosting breakfast. Try adding metabolism-boosting foods into your daily diet such as green tea or pure green coffee, chilli peppers or raspberry extract so that your body can get to work all day long.

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