WeightWorld Pure C8 MCT Oil 500 ml
WeightWorld Pure C8 MCT Oil 500 ml

Pure C8 MCT Oil

Weight Management Supplement


  • For weight & appetite management
  • 100% Pure C8 MCT Oil, with no long chain fatty acids.
  • Great to support the brain
  • Odourless & Unflavoured With Highest Purity 99.8% C8 MCT
  • Medium chain triglycerides
  • Derived from coconuts & sustainable palm
  • 500ml bottle | Serving size: 18 ml per serving | Serving per container: 27

WeightWorld’s Pure C8 MCT Oil is one of the best natural energy sources for your body, providing fuel for your brain. Additionally, it can work well for cravings and appetite, alongside a healthy diet to assist in your weight management plan. Simply take 1-2 tablespoons a day, and reap the health benefits of this amazing oil in your daily life.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Responsibly Sourced
  • GMO Free

What is WeightWorld Pure C8 MCT Oil?

Our high-quality MCT Oil is derived from coconuts and is full of fatty acids. This premium food supplement is easy-to-take and is ideal for those looking to tackle cravings. It is designed to support your weight management and digestive tract, plus, it can be used as a brain health oil! Our product is the best supplement for your body because it uses only the finest extracts of MCT, and, it is completely pure - we add no other ingredients!

Benefits of MCT Oil

There are many MCT oil uses, for example, MCT Oil for an appetite suppressant, MCT Oil for brain health and MCT Oil for digestion. The oil contains fatty acids which can help fight yeast and bacterial growth, what’s more, there are numerous health benefits of MCT Oil, including improved digestion and reduced body fat. This makes it ideal for those looking for an aid to help their appetite and overall weight.

MCT Oil for the keto diet

As medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are beneficial fats, they are great for those following a ketogenic diet. This is because MCTs can be converted into ketones to promote ketosis, a metabolic process where the body burns fat instead of glucose (from sugars and carbohydrates). For those following a low-carb or keto diet, MCT oil is often taken by itself to promote ketosis and to help the feeling of fullness when eating. It is also popularly added to salad dressings, bulletproof coffees and smoothies.

Directions for Use

If you are new, take 1 teaspoon (6ml) with food. Increase dosage every 7 days by half a teaspoon (3ml). On reaching 1 tablespoon (18ml) dose, which is typically after 28 days, you can then begin consuming it with drinks.

Usage- Combine 1 tablespoon (18ml) 1 to 3 times a day with any meal or drink.

Do not exceed the recommended MCT Oil dosage.

Note- Please refer to the nutrition table for more information.


Pure MCT Oil.

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reviews 4.5

89.80% based on 97 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

Great product, excellent service.

P Paul
Verified Purchase

Really easy to use and good quality.

V Vin
Verified Purchase

I really like that this contains no palm oil - so much better for the environment!

E Emily
Verified Purchase

Excellent quality. Easy to use. Nice that it is vegan and cruelty-free. Not too sure about the plastic bottle though.

A Anne
Verified Purchase

Good quality and I like this, especially as I am doing the keto diet at the moment.

J Jem
Verified Purchase

I feel I am snacking less with this, and it is really helping me avoid chocolate and biscuits

C Carolina
Verified Purchase

I am on the keto diet and I like this as I use it in my bulletproof coffee and sometimes just take it straight.

H Hannah
Verified Purchase

so good for my high fat and low carb diet. a bit expensive, but I think it is worth it.

K Kayleigh
Verified Purchase


D Dennis
Verified Purchase

I like this in coffee but not to drink by itself

D Daryia

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