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Bio Baobab

100g Powder | Baobab Superfood Formula
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Super Organic Baobab is a powerful superfood powder that is made from Africa's best-kept secret – the Baobab tree. Not only does this do wonders for your immune system but also pairs up well with weight loss programs as an ideal food supplement. As it is in powder form it is also super easy to add to smoothies or any kind of food so it will easily blend into your daily diet.

  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • High levels of vitamin C, magnesium, postassium and calcium
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Super Organic Baobab is a nutrient-rich organic baobab powder that has numerous health benefits and is great for those looking to lose weight, boost their energy levels and improve their overall health and wellbeing.Baobab powder can also give you a real vitamin boost and is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian

What is Super Organic Baobab?

Baobab is a remarkable tree, native to Africa which is also referred as ‘the tree of life. It is not just confined to Africa now as Henry Johnson, UK market development manager of PhytoTrade Africa, says demand for baobab powder in the UK is moving beyond the health food sector into the realm of mainstream retailers. Baobab helps in improving alertness and energy levels, supporting the immune system, maintaining a healthy nervous system and boosting iron levels. This nutrient-dense fruit ripens and dries on the tree to produce a powdery pulp, which has extraordinary nutritious qualities. There is no heat or pasteurisation necessary to make baobab fruit powder consequently becomes the extract for Super Organic Baobab.

Baobab fruit has a citrusy flavour and boasts more vitamins and minerals which you typically find in oranges, bananas and even blackcurrants. It is from this fruit, the popular Super Organic Baobab powder is derived. Alongside being able to provide the above benefits to you, it can increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system, reduce hunger cravings and helps to manage blood sugar levels.

The benefits of Baobab powder

Image of Baobab

The pure form of this powder has unique nutritional properties. Add the Super Organic Baobab to your diet and gain the following health benefits:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Maintain healthy heart function
  • Enhances recovery from exercise
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Reduces fatigue level
  • Enhance dieting by creating a feeling of fullness

Baobab Vitamin Comparison Charts

How do you use baobab fruit powder?

Baobab has been used for centuries throughout Africa and is now starting to hit the markets of Europe too with a great deal of popularity. There are some simple ways to integrate Super Organic Baobab into your daily diet to get the right shape.

The powdered baobab can be used in a lot of ways. Its tart flavor makes it suitable for smoothies, homemade ice cream, yogurt, etc. In addition, the baobab powder contains a natural thickener, which makes it an epic base for making jam and sauces.

Baobab Powder on a Wooden Spoon

Where can I order my pack?

If you don't live in Africa, we will not deprive you of the amazing fruitfulness of Baobab. WeightWorld makes the whole experience of buying your pack of Super Organic Baobab as simple as possible. To get started, simply click the 'Add to Basket' option to proceed through to the secure and easy to use checkout. Plus, as an extra benefit for our customers we are now offering FREE delivery to all UK orders over £50 as well as a FREE WeightWorld Fruit Infuser Bottle for all orders over £100! If you have any questions about the product then please contact our customer service team wo are avaliable from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers. All testimonials and reviews below are the experiences and opinions of WeightWorld customers. They should not be considered as health, medical or medicinal claims. They are no substitute for taking medical advice.

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  • Too expensive but it is good if you don't mind


  • The taste is not as bad as I thought it would be


  • This is my favourite and taste great with berries


  • I really like that it is natural


  • Great stuff. Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


  • easy to add to stuff, good purchase


  • good stuff


  • I really like this, I have found that I have more energy now and waking up in the morning and going about my day has become so much easier which is such a benefit. It also makes my workouts that bit better and don't feel quite as tired and drained afterwards and have even started doing longer workouts and runs which I could never do before


  • Fantastic product, has worked wonders for me and my husband!


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