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Device | Muscle Performance Device
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The U-tonic is an ergonomically designed massaging device that has been created for the purpose of delivering a deep muscle stimulation, to help tone and enhance your muscles’ appearance. This innovatively designed and efficiently powered product understands the multiple avenues through which you can achieve your ideal physique and wants to complement your chosen path with a wide array of settings and intensity levels, for a personal touch to muscle management.

  • Electrical impulses for muscle stimulation
  • 5 unique settings
  • Adjustable impulse intensity
  • Discrete and ergonomic pads
  • Easy to master interface
  • Portable for use on the move

This amazing product is also unbelievably easy to operate, thanks to an integrated LCD screen, which guides you through functionality and indicates the function and level of your muscle workout. Aside from this, the screen is also energy efficient, meaning that a fully charged U-tonic can sustain prolonged muscle stimulating massages even when an outlet for the charger is nowhere to be found.

What it Takes to Tone

The process of sculpting the perfect physique is multifaceted in its nature. Though nutrition is very important...if you don’t put in the work, you won’t see the results! The greatest predictor of muscle development and definition is the process of stimulating the muscle fibres and prompting a change. Pumping iron and blasting your muscles with crunches and curls is a great point to start from, but in the 21st century, we don’t all have the time at our disposal to make it to the gym on a daily basis. But not to worry, as there is innovative technology available that can help support your muscle tone in tandem with exercise and the right diet.


This state of the art muscle toning device that birthed from the same minds that have created such show-stopping products such as the U-neck and U-neck Lite. This device has been precision engineered to add a whole new and exciting layer to your muscle toning routine. The device makes use of four individual massaging pads, which when applied to specific muscle areas, introduce an intense sensation of electrical impulses. These impulses target the region and deliver a comfortable massage, that deeply works the muscle fibres. These pads are not only comfortable and discreet but are also manoeuvrable and strategically sized, so that they can be applied to the contours of all surfaces of the body. This means that the U-tonic can be applied for a practical use on virtually any muscle of the body.

Made to be Manageable

Working to maximise muscle is a full-time commitment! That is why U-tonic comes with a long life battery, and low energy LCD screen, which allows for prolonged use away from home if need be. Additionally, the device has a pocket-sized power pack, and discrete pads which can be easily fed under clothing also allows for use on the go! The U-tonic has five unique modes of function and intensity that can be adjusted with ease using buttons on the pack. Muscle toning made easy, with thanks to the U-tonic.


The U-tonic device is sure to become a pleasant and easy addition to your regular muscle-toning regime. Ensure that U-tonic is charged before use. Place the sticky pads of the area of muscle you wish to tone. Turn on U-tonic, and use the buttons on the power pack to adjust intensity accordingly.


U-tonic is designed to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. We recommended that for optimal use, you limit your sessions with U-tonic to just 4 - 5 per week. Also keep U - Tone away from water sources and heat sources. We do not recommend this product to people who are pregnant, have metal plates in their body, or have a serious skin allergy.