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U-Tonic Muscle Stimulator

Low Frequency Electronic Massage Device

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The U-Tonic Muscle Stimulator is a low-frequency electronic massage device that helps to ease and tone stiff muscles. Its modern five-mode system and user-friendly design allow you to experience professional beauty session techniques from the comfort of your own home. You can adjust the modes and intensity levels of the massage device to suit your needs and relieve the stress of a busy day.

  • Can relieve muscle stiffness
  • Helps tighten loose and flabby skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Assists in strengthening muscles
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Can be used by all both men and women

This device runs on a micro-computerized system with an LCD screen and battery indicator, attached with 4 vibratory units that can operate together or individually. The U-Tonic Muscle Stimulator generates targeted vibrations when applied to your chosen area of the body. By using for just 15 minutes a day, you can noticeably tone muscles and body shape, as well as receiving a relaxing massage in the process.

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What is U Tonic - Muscle Marking?

U Tonic - Muscle Marking device can help you tone, define and relax your muscles. This device relaxes muscles and relieves stiffness by enhancing blood circulation around the body. It uses a low frequency electronic pulse, and can be directly applied to body parts such as arms, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

How does it work?

U-Tonic Infographic

This device works to provide you with professional beauty session massaging techniques. There are five massage modes to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Simply press the power button to start and stop the sessions, taking care to find the most suitable mode for you. Use regularly to achieve desired results.

What are the advantages of this massage device?

1. Uses advanced electro-stimulation techniques to tighten sagging skin and muscles.

2. Enhances blood flow to soothe and strengthen muscles.

3. Provides aid with muscle injuries such as tearing and cramps.

4. Helps to make muscles firmer and stronger.

Muscle Stimulator Image

How can I use U Tonic - Muscle Marking?

The simple design of this device makes it accessible and easy to use. There are range of 16 intensity levels, 1 being the lowest. These can be regulated with five massage modes, depending on your needs and preferences.

5 MASSAGE MODES: Automatic mode, Firming fashion, Stimulation Mode, Vibrator Mode, Pulse Mode Just 4 or 5 15-minute sessions will deliver visible results and toned, strong and relaxed muscles. Regular use will enhance these and bring you closer to your ideal body type.

Are there any side effects?

This muscle de-stressing device does not have any known side effects. Limit your daily sessions to 4-5 times per week, targeting one zone of the body at once.

Keep away from water and heat sources. U Tonic – Muscle Marking may not be suitable for minors, those with cardiovascular disorders, pregnant women and those with metal implants. Always consult your doctor before using if you are experiencing severe skin allergies, injuries, malignancies or are currently receiving medical treatment.