Mood Complex

350 mg 60 Capsules | Mood Support Vitamins


Ever wondered why when you’re feeling sad you always end up reaching for the chocolate? It’s not just because it simply tastes delicious, it's also because according to research there seems to be a link between comfort food and positive mood. To help you deal with the number of times you emotionally reach for Ben and Jerry's, WeightWorld has created the Mood Complex as a natural supplement to help you stay balanced and on track with your long-term health goals.

  • Designed for overall mood and wellbeing
  • Includes 5HTP, Chamomile, Hops and Rhodiola
  • Ideal for emotional eaters
  • B vitamin complex for normal psychological function
  • For natural energy and motivation
  • 2 vegan capsules daily

By compromising of a powerful blend of carefully selected vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, the Mood Complex is a friendly way to help give you the boost you’re looking for. This natural wellbeing enhancer contains a complex combination of ingredients that can all have benefits in aiding mood, making it ideal for yo-yo dieters and those looking for a long-term aid.

  • GMP
  • Vegan
  • Expert Formula
  • GMO Free

Mood and wellbeing

We all know how hard it is to stick to a diet and be healthy, especially when we’re trying to lose weight. Being consistent with your exercise and healthy eating plans sounds simple but there is always something that can come up. Be it a stressful day or an emotional event, even something small can have an impact on our mood and cause us to search for instant gratification and unhealthily binge eat. This results in a downward spiral, with many of us yo-yo dieting and giving up for periods of time where we then gain back everything we lost. This is why it is so important to maintain our mood and keep ourselves balanced so that we can take the steps to achieving our health goals. With the right mood we can be in the right frame of mind to shift those pounds and have the right motivation to exercise and look after ourselves properly.

Mood Complex

Everytime we go reaching for the comfort food, it may help to give our moods a temporary lift, but it can also give an addition to our weight which can be far more long lasting. After realising this link between emotion and food, WeightWorld wanted to create a natural supplement that could help to balance mood and aid emotional eaters. After extensive research into vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, they created the Mood Complex as a natural dietary supplement that aims to help with mood. With just 2 easy to swallow capsules a day, the Mood Complex could help to maintain the right mood in order to help you stick to your health goals and act as a building block to long-term success.


Mood Complex is made up of a bespoke blend of ingredients that have each been chosen for their unique properties and benefits. The ingredients in this food supplement can be split into four categories for how they work to benefit mood and the body.

How to take

Taking the Mood Complex is simple and convenient as it easily fits into your daily routine. Simply take 2 capsules a day with food and water. We advise not to exceed the recommended daily dose. Each bottle contains 60 capsules so with correct use will last for 30 days. To get the best out of the supplement and to properly assess it, we suggest using for at least 3 months, however it can be taken for longer in order to achieve more long-term goals.

Safe and natural complex

This dietary supplement is made in the UK to high GMP standards using natural ingredients, so therefore has no known side effects. The Mood Complex is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and is also gluten-free. This supplement is not intended for use by those under the age of 18. If you are currently taking antidepressants, discuss with your doctor before taking this food supplement.

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350 mg 60 Capsules | Mood Support Vitamins

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89.09% based on 10 Verified reviews

Verified Purchase

These tablets are easy to swallow which I like and they are also working well for me so far

O Olivia
Verified Purchase

Have not been taking that long but can notice a difference already so will see how it goes after the full month

L Liam
Verified Purchase

I find this really helps. I'm physically disabled and can feel quite down at times, it helps me through the what seems never ending winters

K Katie
Verified Purchase

I find that the bad results appear when my diet isn’t “correct”, but when it is this is a great supplement! I take it to help with my mood during the day, but it does improve sleep quality nonetheless.

H Holly
Verified Purchase

We use this for anxiety. it works extremely well but do keep an eye on doses as there is a risk of getting too much in the system. Better to dose slow and steady and take periodic breaks.

J Julie
Verified Purchase

buy this htp product definitely and especially over others, it’s genuine and you can tell a difference. Thank goodness for it.

S Suzie
Verified Purchase

I have been taking 5-htp for a long time just before my period to help with pms symptoms and it absolutely does the job.

R Ryan
Verified Purchase

Best of the different brands I've tried. Helps with low mood and disturbed sleep. No problems with the taste as it's just the capsule before you swallow and goes down easy.

T Thomas
Verified Purchase

i feel more clear headed and positive and energised for the first time in ages. I now feel cool and collected and more stable and generally in a good state of being. I am most grateful thus!

s sam
Verified Purchase

100% recommend I have a smile on my face

T Tom

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