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Sweat Belt

Belt | Unisex Fitness Wear Accessory
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Whether you're hitting the gym, joining a dance or spin lesson, starting on a long-distance run or just doing some training at home, the Sweat Belt is perfect for any kind of exercise. Thanks to its ability to help increase sweat and aid the natural thermogenic activity in the body, it is the fitness accessory that no man or woman's workout is complete without.

  • Creates a 'sauna-like' effect during exercise
  • Non-slip technology
  • Durable yet lightweight premium material
  • Comfortable to wear with flexible contours
  • For men and women of all shapes and sizes
  • Choice between stylish black or pink

The Sweat Belt is made from a lightweight durable material that is designed to contour to your specific body type and size for optimum comfort while still allowing for a full range of movement. An easy addition to your workout routine, this waist trimmer belt can be put on in seconds and includes and extra adjustable strap for a perfect fit every time. Try the Sweat Belt along with your regular exercise and see what it can do for you!

Sweating and the metabolism

The metabolism is the chemical process in the body that is responsible for turning the food, or calories, we eat into energy. When our metabolism is high, our body can breakdown more foods but for those with a lower metabolism, this is less efficient and so excess is often stored as fat. There are many ways to increase the metabolism such as eating certain foods and building muscles mass, but one key way that is considered to be one of the most popular choice is to increase our internal temperature through thermogenesis. This can be done through methods such as eating spicy foods, being in hot temperatures and by exercising. When these happen, our body begins to sweat to cool us down.

What is the Sweat Belt?

The Sweat Belt by maxmedix is a comfortable slimming shaper belt that is designed to be worn during workouts. It is also be by many other names such as slim belt, sauna belt, slimmer belt, fat belt, weight loss belt, fitness belt and waist trimmer. The Sweat Belt works by creating a ‘sauna-like’ effect so is ideal to be worn during exercise when the body increases its core temperature. By increasing the body’s core temperature (to a safe and non-excessive level) it encourages the body to sweat more. Normally the body releases this excess heat through sweat but the belt helps to retain the heat in the body. This can help your body in its natural process of drawing out unwanted retained water weight as well as toxins from the stomach area were the belt is worn.

Additionally, as the Sweat Belt is worn firm against the stomach, it can also help keep your stomach tight during a workout which can aid the abdominal muscles. It can additionally aid posture and support the lower back muscles during exercise. This belt can give all these benefits with any kind of exercise, from walking to high-intensity workouts. However, the more we exercise, the more we sweat, so the harder the workout, the more the effects of the Sweat Belt can be maximised!

Choosing the Sweat Belt for you

When selecting the correct size, you can use the handy size chart to find the correct one for you. Remember when choosing your size that the belt can be adjusted and is designed to conform to your body shape and size. When buying your belt we advise to make sure the size is correct for you and when putting the belt on make sure you do not wear it too tight so that it is uncomfortable.

How To Use

How to use Slim Belt 1

Before putting on your Sweat Belt, make sure to remove any upper body clothing so that your stomach and abdominal area is clear.

How to use Slim Belt 2

Wrap the belt around your stomach and waist area and secure with the velcro so it is tight but still comfortable. The thicker part should be on your back.

How to use Slim Belt 3

Put on any clothing over the top and exercise as normal. At the end of your exercise simply remove the Belt by undoing the velcro.

How to use Slim Belt 4

To wash your Sweat Belt we recommend hand-washing it after every two to three uses. However, it can be hand-washed after every uses if you prefer.


The Sweat Belt is safe to use as it has been designed specifically to be worn during workouts to increase intensity and sweat levels. However, we recommend only using a belt that fits you correctly and not using one that is too small or wearing it too tight. Additionally, as when exercising with your belt it promotes increased sweating, make sure to keep hydrated and drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day (dependent on your body, lifestyle and activity levels).