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Sweat Belt

Belt | Unisex Fitness Belt
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The Sweat Belt from WeightWorld is the perfect accessory for boosting your workouts to aid with slimming. This unisex waist trimmer belt is made of supremely comfortable, durable fabrics and comes in a range of sizes, it works to increase your heat and sweating whilst you exercise so that you take the most out of your workouts for getting in shape..

  • Makes you sweat more and increases exercise effect
  • Targets belly fat for a better figure
  • Made of durable fabrics that support your posture
  • Unisex belt that is available sizes S - L
  • Available in 2 Colours
  • Men & Women

What Is The Sweat Belt?

This waist trimmer, in short, is an ergonomically designed, unisex neoprene body shaper workout belt that is designed to be put on tight around the belly area during exercises. It works by insulating your tummy area with the best quality fabrics, which raises your core internal temperature whilst you workout.

How Does The Sweat Belt Work?

The raised belly temperature from the sweat waist trimmer means that exercise is more strenuous and challenging, and this is great for raising your performance level to its best. Sweat belt reviews speak for themselves and show they are also great for weight management as the increased heat and sweat loss enhances the impact of exercise and targets belly fat. The Sweat Belt for stomach insulation is ideal for indoor sports or outdoor sports as well and can be slipped on under workout clothes with ease.

Who Should Be Interested In Buying A Sweat Fitness Belt?

When it comes to fat burners and weight loss, people often look for new and innovative ways to lose weight, and technology has brought them to sweat waist trimmer belts for men and women. A sweat fat burner belt for stomachs is just one such example of the technologies’ solution as they work to increase the volume of sweat lost in exercise from the belly and this overall increases the rate of weight loss as a whole. But sweat belts, do they work? Fat burner technology in sweat waist trimmer belts makes them excellent for people wanting to use them in conjunction with sports and other fat burner methods.

front view of weightworld Sweat Belt slim belt unisex Fitness Belt

Choosing The Right One For You

When selecting the correct size, you can use the handy sweat slim belt size chart to find the correct one for you. Remember when choosing your size that the belt can be adjusted and is designed to conform to your body shape and size. When buying your belt we advise making sure the size is correct for you and when putting the belt on make sure you do not wear it too tight so that it is uncomfortable.

How To Use

front view of weightworld Sweat Belt slim belt unisex Fitness Belt

How to wear sweat slim belts? Before putting on your neoprene Sweat Belt, make sure to remove any upper body clothing so that your stomach and abdominal area is clear. Also, ensure your belly is clean.

front view of weightworld Sweat Belt slim belt unisex Fitness Belt

Wrap the belt around your tummy and waist area and secure with the velcro so it is tight but still comfortable. The thicker part should be on your back.

How to use Slim Belt 3

Put on any clothing over the top and exercise as normal. At the end of your exercise simply remove the Belt by undoing the velcro.

front view of weightworld Sweat Belt slim belt unisex Fitness Belt

To wash your belt we recommend hand-washing it after every two to three uses. However, it can be hand-washed after each uses if you prefer.


The Sweat Belt is safe to use as it has been designed specifically to be worn during workouts to increase intensity and sweat levels and to target belly fat. However, we recommend only using a belt that fits your belly correctly and not using one that is too small or wearing it too tight. Additionally, as when exercising with your belt it promotes increased sweating, make sure to keep hydrated and drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day (dependent on your body, lifestyle and activity levels). Sweat Belt side-effects are scarce as the Sweat Belt has been made from high-quality neoprene, skin-friendly fabrics.

Customer Reviews

At WeightWorld we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers. All testimonials and reviews below are the experiences and opinions of WeightWorld customers. They should not be considered as health, medical or medicinal claims. They are no substitute for taking medical advice.

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  • The one belt i use is very good


  • Good quality product.


  • works wonders


  • Great belt use it everyday


  • Bought item on sales and the quality is excellent


  • Fits well when you do it right and nice colour


  • I sweat a lot in this so it must be working


  • Looks a bit strange to put on!! But it makes me sweat loads so works!!!


  • I don't use it yet not for me my customer


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