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Debunking common myths about supplements

We hear a lot of things about supplements, some of which are true and some just rumours. Here we debunk some common myths about supplements and throw light on the facts.

Believe it or not, supplements have got a bad rep. A lot has been said and written about supplements based on rumours, misinformation, or things overhead on the news or radio. This is the reason many supplement myths remain prevalent, preventing people from getting the benefits that many of these products have to offer. Here are some of the common myths about supplements that you shouldn’t believe in:

Myth 1: Supplements are unsafe

This is one of the biggest myths about supplements. Supplements are simply formulated to aid the daily nutritional requirements nutrients of individuals having a fitness oriented lifestyle. If you take authentic supplement as per the recommended dosages, then it will be safe and have no severe side-effects on your health.

Myth 2: Medical professionals advise against taking supplements

Ask any qualified sports nutritionist and he will never advise against supplements. In fact, sports nutritionist will tell you how supplements can help you achieve your goals faster and stay healthy. Most doctors advise against steroids or hormone boosters not supplements. You can easily find unnatural supplements that are loaded with steroids and other kinds of drugs that can be harmful for you. But when it comes to sports supplements, they are absolutely safe to consume.

Myth 3: You can build your body with supplements alone

No natural food or supplement alone can get you the rounded physique that you desire. To get bigger biceps or 6 packs for that matter, you need the right combination of exercise and nutrition. An active individual needs supplements to complete his/her nutritional requirements if they are not met by the whole foods. Basically, supplements help boost the muscle building process and can also help reduce recovery time.

Myth 4: All supplements are loaded with steroids

While there are cheap and fake products that include steroids, not all supplements come under that category. There are many reputed supplement companies that comply with strict standards of quality and formulate the product using only genuine and drug free ingredients. Many experienced body builders, international sportsmen and athletes take these renowned supplements, so companies have their reputation at stake. Moreover, FDA and FSSAI have strict guidelines for manufacture of supplements and they keep a close eye for any irregularities.

Myth 5: You can get addicted to supplements

There’s no study to back this claim that supplements can cause addiction. If you are taking authentic and drug-free supplements such as a superfood sport mix, there is no chance of any long-term side-effect. Most reputed supplements have no addictive ingredient like the ones that are found in coffee, tea, alcohol or tobacco. So anyone can easily stop having supplements whenever they want to.